Searching for a Pot of Gold this St. Patrick’s Day??


I love holidays, it gives me a reason to celebrate & also it gives me a reason to share some smiles too.  This adorable St. Patrick’s Day gift is fun, great for the kids to hand out at school or even to reward your fellow co-workers with a Pot of Gold!

To begin—

  • purchase clear treat bags, Rainbow colored Twizzlers (Hard to find, but I got mine at Target), and Rolo candy.

  • Separate the Twizzlers & lay them in order by color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. (I haven’t said ROY G BIV this much since grade school!  Haha)

Each 12.4 oz bag of the rainbow Twizzlers will make 5 sets, so plan accordingly.


  • Open a treat bag & insert the rainbow of Twizzlers!!  I then placed three rows of the Rolo’s, for a total of 6 to create a pile of gold!


  • I tied the bag with some green ribbon.  And voila—



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Thank you to the folks at Our Best Bites on Pinterest for this inspiration. Here is the pin, in case you want to see what other ideas they have in store –

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