Heartfelt Envelopes for stuffing…

I have been seeing this idea all over social media & I thought, I want to try this!! And of course, I wanted to share this idea with you!! It is easy (which I love), it’s affordable (another bonus), and it’s fun!

Doily Heart Blog Pict1

Here is all you need– paper doilies, scotch tape, felt hearts. I purchased the doilies & the hearts from Dollar Tree. You also need some items for stuffing!! I decided on a few types of small candy, a gift card & some cold hard cash!!

Doily Heart Blog Pict2

Begin by separating the paper doilies! Turn it over & start to fold.

Doily Heart Blog Pict3
Doily Heart Blog Pict4
Doily Heart Blog Pict5
Doily Heart Blog Pict6

Fold in the sides to meet.

Doily Heart Blog Pict7

Then fold the curves of the heart up.

Doily Heart Blog Pict8

You’ll want to take a small piece of tape to secure the sides together!!

Doily Heart Blog Pict9

Fill the heart with your treat of choice!!

Doily Heart Blog Pict10

Fold the rest of the heart to create an enclosed envelope.

Doily Heart Blog Pict11

Then secure with a sticker or felt heart.

Doily Heart Blog Pict12

Create as many as you like using different colors of doilies & hearts!!

I encourage you to create these & fill them & hand them our to everyone you see on Valentine’s Day!!
I hope this craft/gift idea brings a smile to your face, as it has mine!
Until next time—

Angel xoxo

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