Boo Basket

Doing good things… in a Witchy Way.

One of our Quackers- Debbie Franklin Presley, posted this wonderful idea. I immediately reached out to her to see if we could borrow her idea for a Fridays at the Factory blog. With her giving spirit– she immediately said yes!

Debbie wrote– “Even on a very tight budget, you can still do something amazing and impactful for someone! Shopping at Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General and even the local grocery store, you can create a memorable gift for anyone you know who could use an extra smile. (That’s all of us, right?)”

“A young lady in our community whom I have known since she was in the 3rd grade, (I was a mentor with Big Brother/Big sister program), lost her husband of nearly 2 years to a tragic accident. They have a young toddler. This young lady has always had a tremendous love of all things Halloween. If you have not heard of a Boo Basket, it is a thing! I saw her posting a lament that she would love to receive one and shared a page about them. Of course, I had to respond immediately! So, for very little money and a whole lot of love, she will receive this basket this weekend. It may not heal her sorrow, but it will bring a smile to her heart like nothing else. I would encourage anyone out there to do something simple like this for someone. THE SMALLEST GESTURE CAN MAKE THE BIGGEST IMPACT. ”

Debbie- we wholeheartedly agree with you!!

Here is Debbie’s idea for a fun gift basket.

Boo Basket

Grab a mug, a candle, a fun Halloween sign and other fun Knick-knacks. You can add some candy too if you like!! We love the spider web shaped basket to hold everything! And you can use the basket again for a candy dish or something else.

Gather the items for your basket. Don’t forget some paper shred!!

Boo Basket

Add a fun Halloween themed candle!

Boo Basket
Boo Basket

When assembling the basket, you can use glue dots or tape to keep your items in place.

Boo Basket

Wrap your basket with some cellophane & tie it up so none of your gifts fall out.

Debbie thank you for sharing your thoughtful idea! We love all things Halloween & hope that some of you may take Debbie’s lead & give a Boo Basket to someone you know. Happy Halloween!!!

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