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Welcome to the Quacker Factory

We’re delighted you’re quackin’ with us! We promise it’s going to be FUN! For over 20 years now, Quacker Factory has been part of the QVC family—bringing our special line of ‘happy’ clothing to millions of women all over America and in England. We’ve created a large community of wonderful women who love to have a good time.

Our beloved founder, Jeanne Bice, always said: ‘My Quackers may come as customers, but they stay as friends.’ That’s how Jeanne always felt…and we still do.

Tim Bice, Jeanne’s son and co-founder of Quacker Factory, remembers, ‘My mom loved to have fun! She loved parties! She always said, ‘Life’s a party….we should celebrate everyday!’

‘That was Jeanne’s design philosophy. Create clothes that make people smile! Happy clothes that get attention. Jeanne invented the idea of clothing that makes the wearer ‘sparkle and shine’.

‘That’s the same philosophy that still inspires Quacker Factory designs today and always will,’ Tim promises.

‘One great thing that has changed in twenty years is our ability to stay in touch with all our Quacker community and friends. The Internet and social media just didn’t exist back then. But today we can chat, share ideas, show you new designs, keep each other informed, and stay connected! It’s great! And we do that every single day!

‘So I hope you’ll sign up for our emails, and follow us on Facebook. And I hope you’ll tell us what you think and share your ideas with other Quackers on our Quacker Social. Together we’ll keep the party going for another 20 years!

Again, thanks for joining us!

Tim Bice

President, Quacker Factory

Jeanne Bice

Jeanne Bice
Creator of the Quacker Factory

About Tim Bice

Tim is Jeanne Bice’s son, and the co-founder and President of Quacker Factory.

Growing up in Ripon, Wisconsin, Tim experienced his mother’s boundless creative energy and her constant quest for new ways to express her ideas every day! Fortunately he also inherited his father, Butch’s calm demeanor and patience, which provided much needed balance—especially as Quacker Factory became so successful on QVC.

Tim’s love for the theater led him to New York where he studied at the famous Actor’s Studio, and pursued a career in theater and television. Ultimately Jeanne’s fashion business in Florida required a trusted partner and Tim stepped in. Happily he soon met and married Karin and settled in Delray Beach, Florida where they raised their son, James.

Tim is a talented musician, and composed the Quacker Factory theme song, ‘Today’s the Day. Happy’s Going to Happen to You!’

Most importantly Tim provides direction that ensures Jeanne’s vision for Quacker Factory is always reflected in everything we do.

Tim Bice

About Angel Smedley

Angel has been at QVC more than 20 years. (Yes, that seems hard to believe!) She began as a model shortly after university, and soon became one of the Quacker Factory models. Angel began doing Jeanne’s make-up for her appearances on air, and they became great friends. Jeanne also hired Angel to work with the Quacker Factory design team.

When QVC requested that Jeanne hire a locally based ‘back up’ guest host for last minute ‘hits’, Angel was Jeanne’s natural choice. Thus she became an on-air presenter for Quacker Factory as well.

When Jeanne passed away in 2011, Angel became the principal guest host representing the Quacker Factory brand on QVC. Long time Quackers feel it was destiny that Jeanne had picked her.

Angel’s life took another giant step in November 2015, when she married Glen. We know that Jeanne was smiling down on her wedding.

Get to know Angel better as she is interviewed by Patrick! CLICK HERE!

Angel Smedley

About Patrick Hoy

Patrick is Quacker Factory international brand spokesperson—familiar to QVC viewers in the U.S. and in the U.K.

An experienced performer on stage and in clubs, Patrick met Jeanne while working (make that ‘entertaining’) with the travel team leading the Quacker Cruise in 2006. Jeanne instantly made him an honorary Quacker—such was his enthusiasm for the Quacker brand and community.

An American by birth, but a resident of London, Patrick spends countless hours sipping champagne on the cross-Atlantic flights that bring him to QVC here…then back home for his Quacker Factory shows on QVC in London. Judging by his posts on his Facebook page, he clearly loves his job!

Angel Smedley

Meet the Quacker Team brought to you by Patrick Hoy

Please stay tune more Quacker team members to come.

If you’d like to learn a bit more, see below.

Quacker Factory designs help you celebrate holidays! Celebrate the seasons. Celebrate America. Quacker Factory celebrates nature and God’s Creations. We celebrate moon and stars . . . all things celestial.

Quacker Factory designs help you celebrate love and friendships. We create Special designs that celebrate girlfriends and good times too.

Our designs help you celebrate special occasions. For the red carpet moments in every woman’s life, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, big dates, parties, or the Captain’s dinner on your cruise.

Quacker Factory designs also help you celebrate everyday!. Lunch with girlfriends, at school with kids who love the fun designs, at work where customers comment, when you’re out shopping and strangers smile and stop to chat. CELEBRATE YOURSELF…EVERYDAY!

Yes. Quality is really important to Quacker Factory. So Quacker Factory works closely with its vendors to create clothes that fit well, are durable (so the embellishments are secure), and are comfortable. Quacker Factory is very choosy about quality!

Quackers have come to trust they’ll get apparel that looks special and fits them just the way they want it to. Quacker Factory receives some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any brand at QVC—based on customer reviews and return rates. We are committed to work hard to keep our customer’s trust.

A great example of Quacker Factory innovation is DreamJeannes™, our collection of jeans that look and feel like denim, but are incredibly comfortable. They fit all shapes and sizes and stretch with every move. When Jeanne discovered the French Terry material for these pants in 2010, she began wearing jeans at age 70.

We want to celebrate the thousands of women who exemplify the Quacker values—spreading ‘happy’ to those around them, making friends, showing kindness, living life to the fullest.

We created and launched National Quacker Day on February 4, 2010 to mark Quacker Factory’s first appearance on QVC, February 4, 1995. It’s our annual opportunity to take time to celebrate the Quacker Spirit.

Before she was selling on QVC, Jeanne Bice sold embellished shirts at Florida flea markets and boutiques. One day she was having a particularly hectic day when her son Tim walked in and heard her say: ‘This business is driving me quackers!’ Tim exclaimed, ‘Mom, that’s it! We’re the Quacker Factory!’
In 1994, Jeanne happened to find QVC on her television. She watched a while and said ‘I can do that!’ She talked and talked about how great it would be, she whined about not doing it, until Tim said “Mom, stop talking about it and let’s do something about it. He said ‘let’s make a sign: ‘QVC—YES!’ and put it on the wall. Literally. They put a big sign on the wall. Soon after the Florida Department of Commerce called. They told Jeanne QVC was holding a national talent search (called the 50-50 tour) looking for new people to sell their products on QVC, and asked her to try out. She went to Orlando for the ‘audition’, got chosen for a ‘hit’ on QVC, and had an instant sell-out. Of course, she was invited back. And she never stopped ‘putting it on the wall!’
Read The Rubber Duck Principle for the complete story. But in a nut shell: Jeanne was at a leadership workshop when the instructor assigned each person to take a bubble bath with a little rubber duck, and then write about the experience. Quite simply that bath changed Jeanne’s life. Because it taught her how to change how she thought about things.

Jeanne Bice had a way with words. You never knew what she was likely to say next—or how she would express it. As she wrote in ‘Bra Straps’, ‘I have always had a BIG MOUTH. My husband (Butch) used to say I was the only woman he knew with calluses on both ankles from putting my foot in my mouth so often!’

Following is a compilation of some of Jeanne’s most memorable statements from her on-air appearances, and her writings in ‘Pull Yourself Up by Your Bra Straps’, and in ‘The Rubber Duck Principle’.

• Reach for the moon. The least that will happen is you’ll fall among the stars.
• Honey, if you’ve got it, decorate it.
• If you wear a star everyone will think you are a star.
• Nice matters!
• Dreams really do come true.
• Love yourself just the way you are.
• Whatever happens, happens for a reason.
• Don’t try so hard . . . the best things come when you least expect them.
• We may not all be shining stars, but we can all surely sparkle and shine.
• Strangers are simply friends we haven’t met.
• Wear a star, because you are a star.
• We can make the world a better place . . .one smile at a time.
• Where faith begins, worry ends.
• Listen to your heart and watch your dreams come true.
• Fake it till you make it.
• When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!
• Faith makes things possible, not easy.
• Put in on the wall.
• Always act like a duck . . . calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddlin’ like hell underneath!
• We create our tomorrows by what we dream today.
• Dream Large!
• Stop your stinkin’ thinkin’.
• The only thing in life we truly have any control over . . . is how we think about things.
• Happy is not a destination. Happy comes from the choices we make on life’s journey.
• If you can’t change something . . . change the way you think about it.
• Happy’s going to happen.
• If you can’t lose it, decorate it.
• Pull yourself up by your bra straps!
• Life’s about the journey not the destination.
• It covers your hoo-ha.
• Life’s a Party—Celebrate everyday.
• Wear cute PJ’s to bed; you never know who you may meet in your dreams.
• Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?
• Love, love, love it!
• Thank you, thank you, thank you!
• Angels carry us around by our bra straps.
• Quackers come as customers, they stay as friends.
• Oh, get over yourself.
• We’re changing the world onequack at a time.
• Believe!
• Dream big.
• Decorate your shoulder and they won’t look at your hips.
• Frame your face.
• Sparkle and shine!
• Don’t hide your star under a bushel basket.
• A Put on your big girl pants and get back in your gratitude box.
• A Good friends are like angels— you don’t have to see them to know they are there.
• Life is a bowl of cherries, pits and all. It’s what you do with the pits!
• Life is full of great Woo-Woo.
• Hitch your wagon to a star. It might be a bumpy ride, but just enjoy. Go for the Joy!
• New Year, Same Me! Love the me I am—I can choose to change but not ‘till I love the me that is me!
• Believe in Miracles! There’s one out there just waiting for you to open your arms and invite it in.
• Jump—grow wings on the way down.
• Don’t get too big for your britches.
• All you need is Faith, Trust and a little fairy dust.
• Never, never, never give up.

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