Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork!

Patrick Hoy here– and I have to say that Angel and I get to work with the BEST team in the whole world! We are so lucky to have a Quack-Tastic team that we work with every single day! Jeanne Bice really knew what she was doing when she brought us all together.

-Now, I know you already know Angel and me–but I thought it would be great

-fun for you to meet some of our other team members. For the rest of the year, I’ll be doing a series of blogs where you’ll be able to get to know some of the other wonderful people on the Quacker Factory team.

Meet Kristy Destefano!

-The first Quacker person I want to introduce you to is Kristy Destefano. Some of you may already recognize Kristy–because she is the Social Host for our weekly Chicks’ Night In live show on QVC Plus every Wednesday at 10pm ET. Here she is in front of her “Big” board –looking rather Quack-Fabulous in her sparkly top!

I recently sat down with Kristy and asked her a few questions so that you could
all get to know her better–I even learned a few things about her that I didn’t know!

Patrick: Kristy, how did you start working for Quacker Factory?

Kristy: I started working for Quacker Factory on January 2nd, 2007. I knew
about Jeanne Bice and Quacker Factory because I had worked at QVC for 3 years as Assistant Buyer for Denim & Company. I then had my first child, Gregory and then my second child, Madison. During that time I was a stay-
at-home mother. Once the kids were old enough, I returned to work part-time at QVC. I had met Jeanne Bice several times at QVC –and I REALLY liked her! I liked her spirit – and I liked all that Quacker represented –so I called her up to see if she needed any help. You can imagine my delight when Jeanne & Susan called me and hired me to be their Merchandiser for the new Quacker Factory Home Goods line that Lee Bice was working on with her mother!

Patrick: Tell us what you do now for Quacker Factory?

Kristy: After the successful launch of the Quacker Homes Good line, I started
working as the Vendor Liaison between Quacker Factory, QVC and our
Production Partners. This means that I attend our monthly Buyers Meetings at
QVC – which is great fun. I’m also instrumental with all of our Social Media work. I am responsible for coordinating the E-Blasts that we send out–and I also assist Angel and Patrick with their Social Media. And of course now, as you mentioned,  I am the Social Media Hostess every Wednesday night at 10pm ET during our Chicks Night In live shows on QVC PLUS!

Patrick: And of course Kristy comes up with those great Quackatizers & Quack- Tails each week!! (Did you know that all of her recipes are on the Quacker Factory website?!) Here she is with Angel on the set at QVC Plus –don’t they both look stunning?!


Patrick: Tell us a little about your background before you joined QVC & Quacker Factory–because I find that so fascinating!!

Kristy: I went to Radford University in Virginia, graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. My first job out of college was with a ladies clothing brand called Eagle’s Eye–a brand very similar to Quacker Factory! They were based outside of Philadelphia. I got to travel a LOT with them–places like Hong Kong, Cairo, Korea & Santa Domingo–it was amazing! When I first got married, my husband Greg was transferred to Orlando for his job–so I got a job at Disney World as a Manager in the costume department at Hollywood Studios for almost 2 years.

Patrick: A-Ha –that must be where you got your love of all things Disney! Here’s a picture of Kristy and her family with Mickey. (Maybe she helped make that costume when she worked at Disney?!)


Patrick: Your family is so beautiful! Tell us about them!

Kristy: I’ve been married to Greg for 17 wonderful years. We went to high school together– but we were NOT high school sweethearts! Years later, I was out with friends from elementary school–and Greg and I saw each other–well, as they say – the rest is history! We have two incredible children–Gregory is 13 & Madison is 10.

Patrick: Here’s a picture of Kristy and Greg on their wedding day–lookat how beautiful & handsome they are!


Patrick: Do you have any advice for mothers and grandmothers out there?

Kristy: Spend as much time with your kids & grandkids as you can–they grow up fast. Give those extra hugs and kisses!

Patrick: What’s your favorite memory of Jeanne Bice?

Kristy: How she could just light up a room when she walked in it! She honestly
did not think she was a celebrity – she had no ‘airs’ about her. I was surprised that when I would visit her at her house, she would drive me around in her car! Oh yeah– another memory was seeing her one morning without her headband on!!

Patrick: Did Jeanne ever give you any advice–or was there something that she
ever said that has made an impact on you?

Kristy: Yes, she once said to me “Kristy, find your Happy–stay happy–and make your husband and your family happy–happiness is the MOST important thing in the world!”

Patrick: That DEFINITELY sounds like something Jeanne would say! Here’s a picture of Kristy with Jeanne–I absolutely LOVE this picture of the two of them!


Patrick: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?!

Kristy: Actually, being on QVC Plus every week is the craziest thing I’ve ever

done–but I know that Jeanne is there with me in spirit every Wednesday! The

other craziest thing I’ve ever done is run a FULL marathon for the first time this

last year! Yes, 26.2 miles!

Patrick: Our entire team was SO proud of you for that! Here’s a picture of you with your medal!


Patrick: Who’s your best friend–and why?

Kristy: Besides my husband–my best girl friend is Heather. When I was 15, we

worked at the same ice cream shop–but we didn’t go to the same school. We

lost touch for years–but after Greg and I moved back to Pennsylvania and

we bought our first house, Heather was our next-door neighbor! We couldn’t believe after all of those years since we were 15 and had not seen each other–

that now we were living right next door to each other! Now our husbands are great friends–and her twins are the same age as my son Gregory. We vacation together, we eat together–and of course we gossip together–just like all best girl-friends do!!

Patrick: And your mothers are good friends now as well! Here’s a picture of

Kristy & Heather with their beautiful mothers!


Patrick: What’s your favorite color–and why?

Kristy: Turquoise–that’s one of my sorority colors–it’s bright and it’s the color of the ocean–and my favorite place to be is on the beach looking at the beautiful turquoise water.

Patrick: What’s your favorite joke?

Kristy: How do you make a tissue dance???? Put a little boogie in it!!!

Patrick: Ha, Ha–that’s actually pretty good–I bet your kids told you that one!! If you won the Lottery, what would you spend some of your winnings on?

Kristy: I’d buy a beach house–ON the beach! (I told you the beach was my

favorite place in the world!)

Patrick: Where in the world would you like to visit that you’ve never been?

Kristy: Fiji–the crystal clear water looks amazing! Staying in a water bungalow

with a glass bottom floor. See…another beach location!! I love the beach.

Patrick: And finally, what’s your favorite QVC product that you’ve ever bought?

Kristy: Without a doubt– Scrub Daddy!

Patrick: Thank you so much Kristy for sitting down with me!

One Team–One Dream!

hope you all enjoyed getting to know Kristy! Make sure to catch her this

Wednesday (and EVERY Wednesday) with Angel on QVC Plus at 10pm ET!

Quacker Hugs & Love From Across the Duck Pond!


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  1. Deirdre September 3, 2016 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Fantastic interview top get to know our Kristy better. Thank you both! Huge hugs!

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