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    Colleen @kaywolfe Happy Birthday! I hope your having a great day and all your birthday wishes come true.
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    Gail Norusis @sue-byler Happy Birthday,Sue! Hope that you have a wonderful day. Gail
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    adele shanbar Thank you , Carol for the birthday wishes! Hope you are good snd having a Happy New Year! Adele
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    CHRISTINE ANGELA BRAILSFORD @disneymom Happy birthday Dawn for 1st June, have a blessed and wonderfull day today and may all your birthday wishes and dreams all come true for you today!
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    Tiago R Hello Everyone 🙂
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    Dianne Danielson @sue-byler Hi Sue, What in the world happened? Are you going to be okay? Please let me know what’s going on with you. You won’t be bringing me down. Promise. You need to talk to someone. Is it the cold weather? Did someone hurt your feelings? Did you get hurt physically? Your knee okay? We’re here to help you. If you need prayers you got em . We’re here to help each other, give support & hold each other up when we’re in need of it. Your not alone, Sue. Please don’t feel bad. I’m going to pray for you & ask the Lord to comfort you in your time of need. Jewell sends her love 💕 too. Purrs & kisses Dd& Jewell 🙏🙏❤️😢
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    Lynne Tucker Thank you to all those that sent me such kind birthday wishes in December. I just haven't been here that often and I apologize. I was thinking about our dear Jeanne Bice and those good 'ol days. She was SUCH a delightful, positive person and wonderful friend. We all miss her and yet, y'all keep up sending out that same lovely kindness she taught us to give to one another, by sending me a message for my last birthday--remembered still, after all these years. Thank you again and Happy Birthday to each of you on your Special Day! God Bless and love to you from me!
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    JUDY GREENE Thanks to Colleen for my birthday greeting! I am 81 and love seeing new things from Cracker Factory. Love Angel! Wish you made tops in a material like Susan Graver’s Butterknit. It fits my queen sized body better than cotton or cotton/polyester blend.
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    Mary G Borjas @christine-angela-brailsford You are LOVED Christine!! I will be praying for you; that all will be well with your left eye! Your friend, Mary Borjas
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    Donna Delano @colleen1 Thank you Colleen.
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    Lisa Wohl Happy Holidays, Everyone! Thank you for all of the Birthday Love! I appreciate your kind wishes, more than you know! Be Happy, Be Well!
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    Patrick H. Hoy posted a photo
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    Carol Blizzard Thank you for the Happy Birthday !
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