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  • Gailster……….
    Yes it is!! I should have kept a list. I sent them out to people who went to services, sent cards, snd then much later to those who sent in donations. Then you have to figure out if you already sent them one. Lol. Lol
    Then add grief brain, and you are completely confused!’
    Hope you gave a good night. We’re going to watch the new m…[Read more]

  • Omg. My whole post disappeared!!
    I’ll try to summarize:
    Hope you gave good weekend
    We’re getting gross weather this weekend
    Loved hooting with the owls, but hated not seeing them! They sounded real close and were very loud
    Our pool water is not ready… hoping it will be done by Saturday
    Did I send you a prayer card from Tillie??

    Did I send…[Read more]

  • Hi DD
    I hope Critt is ok!! Prayers sent
    That was so kind of you to help Hallie out with her tires. Nothing lasts anymore. Our tires had a lot of thread on them, but they dry rotted We had to get new ones. The tire guy said they all do that and won’t last beyond 6 years. It’s crazy!
    Last night when we went to bed there were two owls hooting lik…[Read more]

  • Colleen
    Thank you
    It sounds like you had a good day too!! It’s nice to have quiet snd be comfortable.
    I hope your weather stays nice for a while!
    Today is the 2ond anniversary of Heathers death. Bobby ,Amanda, snd Marissa went to breakfast and the cemetery.
    Have a good day

  • Hi Colleen
    I hope things will change around. I hate to always be the bearer of bad news. I love good news!!
    Hope you had a great Fathers Day.
    So happy you finally got the air fixed. You’ll be all set for the rest of the summer
    I made brisket for Gary today in the crock pot. His son Tommy came by with our grandson TJ. They are with us too, w…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster….
    Thank you for the pretty e-card! It made me smile
    It’s been tough. Not just the loss of Tillie, but, Gary’s health. No blood clot was good and that he came home from the hospital in one day, also good. But, the hospital called the next day saying he had COPD. Not sure if I told you that. Then the following day, Frankie looks at th…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster!
    Stay cool out there….. you and Colleen!!
    I did watch AGT. Gary slept through the entire show. Then be
    I watch The First Ladies …. Had it recorded
    I hated that kids voice. It was gross. Hurt your ears. I can’t figure out how people think. Lol
    I also enjoyed the autistic boys. I did not like the two men with the knives. I hate those…[Read more]

  • Hi DD
    Always good to hear from you!!!!
    Thank you for the positive thoughts. We need them!
    I watched the first one. I was not able to catch the next one. I hope I’ll be able to see the next one. I hope people realize how dangerous this man is. Our freedom in this country is at risk with him and the insane people who follow him
    Ps. Have a good day!!!

  • Good news girls!!!
    Prayers worked. He came home a couple of hours ago. He’s finishing up his shower to get that hospital smell off
    The scan showed low probability of a clot. So they sent him home. He sees his cardiologist on Friday. He is also our GP.
    He feels ok, but he is exhausted. He hardly slept. I think he will go out like a light a…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone
    Gary’s in the hospital. His blood work for lung dr showed a blood clot. Doing nuclear test to locate blood clot
    Prayers needed

  • Hey Gailster
    I can’t watch those gross if dangerous acts! Lol
    Everyone had a good time yesterday. People took food home cause overbought. 6 people did nit shut,!of which two cancelled at the last minute. That made a difference in the food too
    It was nice to see my neighbors snd friends. I’m glad I did it. It gives some closure.
    Is everyone wat…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    I’m glad you posted. We worry about each other. Did you test for covid? What was wrong
    We had the memorial get together for Tillie yesterday Everyone had a good time. It was nice to see our friends and neighbors. We did not get to bed until about 1:00am. Steph the longest and cleaned up for us. Then JJ wanted to go home, so t…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster
    Oh yes. We live Enzo snd his whole family!
    We are doing Tillie’s memorial on Saturday. It will be catered, so all I have nothing much to do as make it look nice. I have Red white blue tablecloths she paper dishes. You’ll be so proud of me….. plastic cups, and utensils. Lol. Lol
    I saved the pics Marissa did on the two white board…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster
    Gary goes to dr Thursday😱
    We’re getting ready for having people over for a little remember since for Tillie. It’s what we would have done after the funeral. It’s going to be catered so I won’t have to cook. Getting the food from where Bobby has lunch almost. every day in East Boston He said they gave the best chicken parm
    I didn’t…[Read more]

  • Omg Gailster

    That’s fabulous. You must have been so proud! I think that’s great. I love good news. Especially when it’s so positive. Makes the world have promise for tomorrow

    Go Gail and Greg!!!!!!

  • Hi DD
    I got that lamp on EBay. Tillie has a matching bowl and a couple of vases. I put them up here as I didn’t want to part with them. Then I saw this on EBay and made an offer. I figured it was a last gift to her for the memorial table. Every time I look at it, I think of how much she would have loved it.
    Look close at the pic. There is a t…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    It has been a challenging year for sure. Who gets covid the flu and bronchitis in one year?? Lol.
    Marissa and baby are fine now. Thank you. They are coming this am to get the pool cover off with Pina and Talia too. I bought a Panera bagels for everyone. Lol
    I’m attaching a pic of the baby’s new outdoor truck. We put it together yes…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster
    So sorry about the kids’ Dad. It is awful to worry an out your income. Prayers sent!!
    Yes, Virgin River is done from the book series. It’s about a nurse practitioner to who moves there to escape the loss of her husband and one day old infant. Lots of characters, all with their own issues. Several sun-plots. Lol. Loved it! It com…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster
    Actually high are right. I got that awful flu going around and it caused bronchitis. I ended up with a gout attack from all the stress, snd the prednisone finally stopped the awful cough
    Shine we were sick last weekend, we binge watched Virgin River on Netflix. We loved it!

    I am much better. Trying to get the back room back in order.…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen!
    I’m glad you all don’t have this awful flu going around. It was worst than covid!!
    I am feeling better. Gary is still struggling with breathing. He has the pulmonologist appointment next week
    It went from hot to very cool up here!! It’s supposed to rain. We need the rain. The pollen has been so bad it looks like smog. I have never…[Read more]

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