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  • Hey Colleen!
    well, get this one! As the storm was so awful yesterday, it gave me a gout attack. That has been happening lately. So, I took extra indomethacine and it gave me a belly ache today….LOL LOL LOL If I were having a heart attack, i would never be able to figure it out!
    Marissa just arrived to wash the baby clothes. She has 5…[Read more]

  • Hey My Sweet Friend DD!
    I am so sorry you are down. I think it is a feeling lots of people are having this year. It just does not feel like Christmas, no matter how much we decorate. I think with all we have going on, it gets harder to be excited. I ahve not even baked that much, and baking makes me feel good. I think it is because this house…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    Well, Marissa is just as crabby as your granddaughter. She us usually so upbeat and bubbly. Not now. Se will bite your head off in a second. I told her I am dying for her to have the baby, so we can get her back….LOL
    Tillie did not come up- it was way too early for her. She is not a morning person….LOL
    Thank you for the…[Read more]

  • Hello all…

    First let me tell all of you that Barbara’s MIL had a fall, and is in the hospital. She broke her hip (think its the hip), and the hospital wants them to see the hospice staff for a consult.
    She also said both she and Jerry are nto feeling well. I do not know why. One could assume they caught the baby’s cold.
    Prayers needed for…[Read more]

  • Hey Colleen
    I am attaching the snoopy characters. the mailbox opens and the little yellow bird comes out….LOl
    Now, I am on to wrapping- the easy QVC way, with the bags.
    Heather got the news form the neurologist today- she had an appointment with him. It is all her spine. He said since she is responding to PT, he is not recommending surgery…[Read more]

  • Hey Colleen
    I am so pooped today. Could be the weather, and it is definitely the decorating!
    We got another 4 inches of snow. If it does not melt, the Snoopy outdoor decorations will never get up.
    Tomorrow Heather goes back to the neurologist, so we will find out what is up, and how much she has improved in the last month.
    Tillie has been very…[Read more]

  • Hey GAilster
    I forgot to say how thrilled I am that our cutie Piper will be in the contest. We have to pray hard she wins, and I think it will not go over well if she does not. After all, she knows she is a Princess, and Princesses win. Go Piper!!!!

  • Hey Gailster
    Read my post to Barbara- it has all the puppy visit stuff in it ( not actually a puppy).
    Well, I just called Marissa to tell her to go home after work, and call me when she gets there. She was coming here to get our list for BJ’s, and I told her she cannot go tomorrow as it will be ice and snow. Bobby’s friend just stopped by, and…[Read more]

  • Hey Barbara!
    So sorry Jerry got the cold. Gary has had it since the week before Thanksgiving. He is still coughing. It is a long lasting cold, that ends with coughing for weeks. I hope Jerry gets better way faster than Gary did/is.
    My neighbor came over last night with her little doggie. He is a Bishon Poo. I had such a good time playing…[Read more]

  • Good Lord, Colleen!
    All your electric items are on the fritz. That stinks, especially this close to the holidays.
    I hope you love your new fridge. At least it will use less electricity than the old one. What kind did you get? There are so many choices today.
    I think it is wonderful that you will have a soldier at your table. That is what the…[Read more]

  • Hey DD
    Your holiday kitty is real funny. She wants to be right there, in the thick of it all. She certainly loves Christmas!
    We have both been decorating our fingers off. I am finally done.
    I love your pics- especially the Peanuts one. We have Peanuts stuff to put outside, and can’t because of the snow out there. It is supposed to be warmer…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster!
    I am with Piper- you better get busy!!
    Everyone all across this country has that cold. Gary has been sick since Thanksgiving. So far, he is the only one who has been coughing his brains out. He has had 3 medicines- z pack, a pill to take 3/a day to stop coughing, and now a codeine cough syrup. Yuck. I keep telling him he needs…[Read more]

  • Gailster…..forgot to say. Yes, I am the same way- so glad for on line shopping. I have no desire to be pushed around in a store, and get hot and sweaty walking around with all the bags. So done with all of that! I would like the hot chocolate and a goodie after shopping…..I can arrange that….LOL
    Yesterday I had a hot chocolate with Gary,…[Read more]

  • Hey Barbara!!
    So glad you all had a good time this Thanksgiving. You all deserved to send the wonderful time with Colin, even though he was sick. Everybody is sick with this awful cold. JJ and Aizen and Steph have had it, and Gary is on his 3rd prescription to stop the coughing. It is an awful cold, with the lingering cough.
    We all realize…[Read more]

  • Colleeen and Gail
    That is a a great idea for the visiting service man. How about adding some note paper, and envelopes, so he can write to family and friends?? Or gift certificate so he can get a game on his phone to play?
    Dying to hear how nice your Christmas goes with the soldier!!

    Attaching a couple of pics….

  • Hey Gailster
    Well, Hanukkah is about 3 days before Christmas, I think. Not good for the belly or the veins- way too much fat in a short period of time….Ho HO Ho
    I bet you all had a hard time this year. Her anniversary coming on the holiday made it all come back, for all of you. How did Brent do this Thanksgiving? it is so difficult when…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen
    I was not too thrilled with who won. She was the one I could not stand. Anyone else could have won, and I would have been thrilled.
    Tonight the Christmas tree lights show is on. So, I have to hurry, so I can see it….LOL
    Please read the post to Gail, as it has a lot of info in there……sorry…trying to hurry to see the evening…[Read more]

  • Hey Gailster
    It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. That was a good idea on getting suggestions from the kids on what they want. Go Gail!
    Wow- you finally met him. Sooooo, what is he like? Did the two of you like him? I hope the meeting went well.
    Thank you for the wishes for Steph and Jhonny. I think they will continue to need…[Read more]

  • Hey DD
    Love the thanksgiving pics!!
    Hope you are having a better day today, and no cyclone is coming toward you!!
    PS…check out my drunk nutcracker, and wacky husband trying to get him to stay up….LOL Frankie tried to help him when he got back here. Drunk nutcracker stayed on the ground last night, and didn’t get up again….LOl

  • Hey Colleen!
    Well, Steph and Jhonny got back together again. So, everyone was here, and that was good. The only one missing was Amanda. She went to her boyfriend’s family. We were all glad they went back together, and hope this does not happen again. Heather was so upset, she cried a few times. I kept telling her there is nothing we can do,…[Read more]

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