Has ‘Murky March’ Got You Down?


It’s time to use

The ‘Rubber Duck Principle’

and find your HAPPY!

Jeanne Bice hated March…more than any other month!  She called it ‘Murky March’ to describe how it made her feel.  Decorating for Christmas and planning New Year’s parties were over…. Valentine’s Day had come and gone…and Spring flowers were weeks away (especially in Wisconsin). Yes, March was murky!

Then she discovered the ‘Rubber Duck Principle’. The simple, but brilliant truth that changed her life:

If you can’t change something…

CHANGE the way you

THINK about it!

That’s how Jeanne got through Murky March…and we can, too!

Here are 5 examples we know Jeanne would approve:

  • Plan a picnic in your living room!

Why not!  Turn up the heat, move the furniture and clear some space for a picnic blanket in the middle of the room! Invite your friends to wear shorts (under their long pants!), bring flip-flops and tee shirts. and pretend it’s July! Grill some hot dogs, potato salad and make some lemonade or Pena Coladas! Sing camp songs.  You get the idea!

  • Put away ‘Winter Gray’ and start wearing COLOR!

If we look in the mirror and see a sad person dressed in boring, dark colors—well, of course, we’re going to feel ‘murky’. Think Pink!  Think Yellow!  Think Bright!

The perfect place to find happy spring colors to wear right now is the Quacker Factory Spring Ahead Collection! CLICK HERE and ENJOY!

  •  De-clutter your closets! Make Room for New!

This is the perfect season to get rid of things you’ve just stared at all season. If you haven ‘t worn it thus far…you probably aren’t going to!  Bundle it up…and donate it!  Make someone else happy! (BONUS: You’ll have room for some of the fresh Quacker Factory designs we have for you!)


Look over your Christmas card list, or your friends on Facebook, and pick out those you haven’t seen for a while.  Send out a ‘Save the Date’ and plan a reunion!  Whether it’s a  ‘Girls Night Out’ or a Weekend Get-away.  Planning and anticipating a get together with friends you’ve been missing is half the fun!

  • Assemble and use your LUCKY DUCK STRESS RELIEF KIT.

Just get yourself a rubber duck, a bottle of your favorite bubble bath, a toy crown or tiara, something to use as a magic wand, a rubber duck beak with elastic band, and ‘the child inside you!’ Put on some relaxing music, light a scented candle, and then linger in the relaxing warm bath while you play with your rubber duck.  Notice how it never sinks!  It keeps floating!  It keeps going…. making you smile!

Those are 5 suggestions for finding HAPPY in MURKY MARCH!



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