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  • Hope everyone is having a good evening. If I am right; today was the day for your shot Adele. Sure hope you did well and that it is helping you.
    It is cloudy and a little warmer here today. We rode into town and I went in and got us each a chicken salad sandwich/croissant at our little sandwich shop. We needed gas also; so got that as well. It…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Finally able to take a few minutes to say hello. Jerry has really had problems with his back. Our next appt. with the doctor is still a few weeks away. I asked him to lets go early, and he is adamant that we wait. I see in his face and in his attitude that he is discouraged. He gets spiteful and grouchy over just little things. And…[Read more]

  • Hello friends. Adele, it seems that God answered your prayers by what happened with Ms. Tillie. You were there to do just what she needed by getting her to the hospital, and it sounds like the right geriatric personnel were there to address what is happening to her. I just kept thinking how much she really needed specialists who take care of the…[Read more]

  • Cold and rainy here today. Just gloomy, but we are grateful since Joey and Lisa literally flew all night and safely got home around 10 this morning. They spent about 5 hours in Chicago; waiting for their outgoing flight. They left Calif. around 10 last night. Joey said they were exhausted. Lisa waited in the car while he came in and picked up…[Read more]

  • Hello ladies. Sue and Gail, I came on here one day and saw all that crazy stuff and got off immediately. I don’t know how to notify James or anyone about something I know is wrong on here. So please let me know. I may have been the first one to see it; and I didn’t know what to do about it. Thanks in advance.
    Colleen, Ron and Neal had the same…[Read more]

  • Sue, do you still have Cuddles? If so; do you get a puppy gift from Santa for our fur babies? All of ours get some kind of either toy or treat from Santa. I baked some of our “special” cookies today. Jerry and I love them. I made me a cup of cocoa to have with mine; so yummy. Thanks again for the heads up on them. Colleen, I made some really easy…[Read more]

  • Hello dear friends….sorry that I have been away this week. I cannot blame my absence on anything but just being 1. busy getting things packed and off for delivery 2. mad at the mister and 3. got a big unexpected “favor” asked of us. I was SO happy to get the things off for delivery. I talked to our oldest son, who was actually off in NM at an…[Read more]

  • First, Adele, please be careful with the dizzy spells you are having. It may have been due to your water pill, but please make sure they know about this when you go for your heart tests. Had you just done something that you had to work at; or made you tired or short of breath? Take deep breaths whenever you think of it during the day; just to kind…[Read more]

  • Hello Ladies. things are seeming to settle down some here. First, Sarah’s brother is doing better. He is out of ICU and according to Neal, the doctors keep saying they cannot understand why he developed this sepsis; since he was on home IV antibiotic therapy. Sarah came and stayed the three days Neal has off and so he kept the baby. Was sad, but…[Read more]

  • This has been a “worry” day for us. Neal messaged us early this am to say that Sarah’s brother who lives here, is hospitalized and has sepsis. Neal had just heard from Sarah, and since he was at work he wasn’t able to get a lot of information. Neal asked us could we take care of Colin in case she has to fly home. Of course we said we would do…[Read more]

  • Sue, I am so sorry you fell. And isn’t it just hard to believe all the hassle a person has to go through with the billing nowadays? Insurance companies dictate everything it seems nowadays. I kept getting bills from a procedure this summer, and called and called them explaining how all my copay was met; and what Medicare didn’t cover; I was NOT…[Read more]

  • Happy Monday to All. Very windy here since yesterday. Jerry and I had planned a short trip; but changed our minds. I know we need to get away, if only for two or three days; but just can’t seem to make it happen. Hope the bad weather is somehow getting better in the snow covered areas. Sue, how far do you have to walk to get to your mail? Please…[Read more]

  • Happy belated Thanksgiving to All. Jerry and I are in our winter “aches” stage. I just want to scream by starting this off with a physical complaint; but its the truth. THe wind is howling outside; and I know you all are having a much harder time with the weather than we are; so I am so sorry for what you all have to endure. Please let someone…[Read more]

  • Must say ladies but from reading your notes that you all are having lots of Thanksgiving “happening’s” too. I sincerely pray that weather wise your situation is better by now, Sue. How dreadful for you and all those facing those conditions. Safe travels if you have to be on the roads, We are fortunate in our area of the country that usually we…[Read more]

  • Happy Saturday ladies, hope everyone is having a good day. Gail, only if it were Jerry and Me could your stocking story be funnier or more frustrating that you two endured with those blessed things. They are definitely a necessary evil. I always believed that whomever created them had a little bit of evil in them; and must only weigh about 100…[Read more]

  • Happy Saturday friends. Gail, that is such a warm invitation you wrote in the opening note for this month. It would be nice to have others join in on our little group. Seems like you, Colleen, and I have been on here a long time. We have surely been thorough so much in our lives. I just love that we now have Adele, DD, our Sue and Christine.…[Read more]

  • I just typed a nice long note to you all and of course, POOF off it goes to never never land/frustrates me so badly. Not much new here; but rainy tonight. Most of our little ghosts are going to the local church for their celebrating the night. It is so much safer that way. We did get to facetime with Colin today. He is a really big talker now. Our…[Read more]

  • Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It is in the low 60s here; gets colder at night. Lots of leaves are dropping off our trees. Yes, they did catch the man who was running from the officers the other night fairly quickly. He drove away from here to an interstate that runs through Memphis, and was stopped somewhere on there; I think trying to…[Read more]

  • Surely sounds like everyone has lots going on in their lives right now. Sue, sorry your knee is giving you so much trouble. You have worked so hard so I hope that you will be able to move past this soon. How is your back doing Adele? That prednisone does have lots of side effects. But if it does help you then its just something you have to…[Read more]

  • Well, girls, it seems I can’t leave you all for a minute without you all going off on some “sexual content” such as boobies and undergarments. lol By the way/this ole lady wears a 42DD; loud and proud. They used to be in a more upright position; but alas, time and gravity has taken its tole on them as well as my neck; face; belly; well, you get…[Read more]

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