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  • It is so hot here today that it seems like the middle of summer. Our weather has really been strange this year. There are signs of Fall and then the heat returns. So glad your basement flooding seems to be a relatively easy fix; considering how much damage it could have caused. And when it is unexpected you have to deal with that unplanned cost.…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Thanks so much Sue for explaining how a cruise ship feels out at sea. That has always been one of my major concerns since I have balance problems and the only time I went deep sea fishing I was so nauseated from the rocking of the boat. We have gone on pontoon boats in the lake and I do okay on that. It sounds like you have had…[Read more]

  • Really hot and humid here today. Thank God that Tillie is okay, Adele. I know that really scared all of you. So glad you had such good helpers with you and that your neighbor came too. My goodness I am always so shocked to see the bruising that a fall causes.MawMaw has tissue paper thin skin, and a bump makes a terrible bruise. Thankfully she has…[Read more]

  • Hope everyone is having a good evening. We are good. Jerry said his back is not as sore today; so hope we have turned the corner. It is hot here again. We are in the low 90’s and are to stay that way for several days they say. We cooked a pot of bean soup today; and I have a loaf of bread from the deli; and I actually overbake it a little to make…[Read more]

  • Hello to All. First news; Jerry fell. We are better but I am watching him so closely that he is mad as a hornet on top of being sore. We were walking around our yard looking up at our some trees and how the leaves are different this year; and down he goes. He had stepped into a hole that neither of us had seen; and he was walking right in front of…[Read more]

  • Gosh girls, after reading all your yummy soup, pot pie, veggie, stuffed peppers stories, and then saw the picture DD posted on pumpkin muffins (which I am definitely going to try DD) my mouth is watering lol I made a veggie soup with hamb. and lots of fresh veggies and diced tomatoes just last week. Down here we usually bake cornbread with our…[Read more]

  • We slept in until 10 this morning. I was so surprized when I looked at the clock. Jerry and I get tired so easily. What we just did would have been nothing in the past, but now, its a whole different story. THanks so much Adele for the medicine suggestion. I am surely going to look into this. Hope your consultation will be able to answer lots of…[Read more]

  • I’m BACK…….So glad to be stopping in to chat, have missed so much. We are good. I have to honestly say that we have had so much fun with our little fellow that we both just sit and reminence and look at videos and pictures made while he was here. We played so many games together; pretending to be a choo choo, hide and seek, made a necklace…[Read more]

  • Hope everyone is having a good Friday. Sue, please take it easy and get lots of rest. After any medical procedure any surgery even outpatient; our body really needs to get plenty of good old fashioned rest to bounce back. So glad it is behind you. Wish the driving help would have been better for you; but you are so right there is nothing like…[Read more]

  • Gail, that is a big fish. We have some really large carp in our pond that are there to keep the algea cleaned up that forms in a pond. We also have cat fish and bass and since you have the South in your background I know you have probably heard of them all. When our sons were little we used to go every evening out to the pond and the boys would…[Read more]

  • Well girls, I wrote another of my “catch up” notes to you all yesterday and POOF off it went just as I was finishing it up. So; will try again today and hope for the best. It has been on again off again storms passing through all week. The sun was bright yesterday and it was thundering so loud at the same time. Hope you have your ride worked out…[Read more]

  • Praying the storm passed and everyone is good, Adele. I get so afraid of the storms we have here too; and they come so quickly and there just isn’t anything you can do but pray and huddle down. It looks like the reveal party was a roaring success, and that photo is just wonderful. Now the thinking of names really begins; and itty bitty really…[Read more]

  • Thundering here today with lots of gray clouds all around. So far no hard rain but supposed to be here any time now so this may be short. You have really been busy getting ready for the reveal and I just know it is perfect. Your cookies looked so yummy. So glad you decided on catering so you have fun too. This is such an exciting time for you all.…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Sorry your leak is back Adele. I know you all must be so frustrated. I am glad you found your AC issue before it was a really bad problem. Thank goodness you had him check upstairs before you needed to use it. That is a shame it wasn’t done right the first time. Hope it all turns out okay. Mabey you need to just join Heather and…[Read more]

  • Hot and humid here today. We drove in to town and bought two black Angus beef patties, some fresh homegrown tomatoes from a Peach orchard/market stand down the highway, and peaches of course, and we are making us a hamburger for supper. I have a bag of frozen french fries in the freezer; so will take out enough for us, and thats our meal. we both…[Read more]

  • Sure hope Gail is able to bring Greg home today. We just seem to feel better in our own beds, don’t we? Thank God they found that blockage and were able to put in the stint. I am like you, Colleen, I expect Brent will be making a trip home to se about his Mom and Dad if he possibly can. Sure hope Sue has gotten some good news by now too. Sue,…[Read more]

  • Hope all went well for Greg today. I will be happy when Gail gets a chance to drop in but I bet she is so tired right now. Worry just drains us. Prayers for everyone who is going through worries now. THis has been a busy summer for us, hasn’t it? Sue I hope you are feeling better too. Prayers for you too. Getting older can really be a challenge…[Read more]

  • Goes without really saying Gail, we all are calling on the good Lord to restore Greg to his best of health. I had a cardiac cath done several years ago; where they go in through a small incision in your groin. Did not have to have a stent placed but didnt hurt at all. I was given IV anxiety meds (I told them how nervous I was) and the drug for…[Read more]

  • Glad everyone had a good holiday weekend. I know you were so happy to see your family Colleen, and now you will always have something to tease your SIL about with the dunking in the pool thing. We ended up having Joey and Lisa come up for a few hours; Lisa said she meant the cookout was on Sat. instead; so we watched Ruby for them Saturday. We…[Read more]

  • Just love all the patriotic pictures. This has always been a special time of year for us. When we were younger; we would always have these large family cook outs; loads of food; games, jokes, card playing, children of all ages; wonderful memories. Sarahs parents are visiting right now; and Neal will be going back to Oklahoma the end of this month…[Read more]

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