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  • Hello friends. Hot and very muggy here. Adele, please don’t do the “I know I can do this and I will do this” thing again. We all must be really careful in the heat. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke come on quickly and keeping cool and hydrated with water is so important in the hot weather; even when you are not doing anything physical. Sometimes,…[Read more]

  • Hello. I have missed SO much of your news, health, family, life. So that makes me want to read everything ,but I know I just can’t right now. We are good. Joey, Lisa, and now Sarah and COlin are in NC with Neal. Today is his 34th birthday. Their furniture should be delivered today; and thats why Joey and Lisa are there to help with the set up. The…[Read more]

  • Well Hello to All my dear friends. I haven’t even begun to read or try to catch up on all your news. I think I am going to have to get another computer. This one takes me at least 30 minutes to be able to even sign in on our site; but there is so much to tell you all. Joey just left about an hour ago driving to Ashville to help with the move in.…[Read more]

  • Gonna try again today to see if this thing will let me talk to you all. Its funny you mention the Cadbury eggs, Gail, since Joey asked me if I saw any ont eh “marked down” isle to please pick him up some lol Our children still love the candy they loved as little ones in their Easter basket. You all will think I spoiled the boys, but I still made…[Read more]

  • Hope this thing will at least let me stay on long enough to say we are ok; Jerry better; me exhausted with more to do yet but happy is not even the right word to describe how excited I am to see everyone This thing keeps kicking me off, and yes I am having to sign in everytime too. Neals last working day was Monday, and he called us. So sorry…[Read more]

  • Well I was able to get a little rest last night; so am feeling much better today. Jerry is doing better too, so I got him all set up in his chair working on my vacuum cleaner for me; and I got busy getting rid of some of this “clutter” that we have. Would you believe that we have LOTS of papers and things that came from Jerrys Moms house that we…[Read more]

  • Just wanted to say hello. We have had so much sickness here. Jerry is finally doing better. I have been so worried, but thank God a lot of that congestion that was in his head and chest is doing better. I would lay there at night listening to him trying to breathe and it just hurt me. I would get him up all during the night even though he would…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone. It is cloudy and the rain seems to have let up for a little. We are just soaked here, and more on the way they say. I think I must be a lot like little Aliza; I get all out of sorts without a nap too. There are days I just have to lay down and before I know it I am sound asleep. If I sleep too long then I get up feeling groggy, but if…[Read more]

  • Hello Ladies. So glad to read that Jewell is better. Hope he will feel better and eat his new food good. Our kitty had a problem with his chruchy treats recently. He would be so mad at us for not giving him the kind he really liked; and as you know they do not want you to change their little routine; as I say, without their permission. lol Our…[Read more]

  • Hello To everyone. So glad to have you back, Colleen. I know each day is hard but I pray you will be able to find a sweet memory to help you to smile so you can pass the sad moments. I know you said you were looking forward to reading the letters. I have a box of memories and pictures from the past that I take out to help me and there are letters…[Read more]

  • Hello friends. I sure do wish that Gary would give your new mattress a better chance. I really believe it would help him; and he needs to be off that wound and since it has helped you so much, Adele, I think if he just gave it a little time he would see he really loves it. It sounds so comfy to me. Yours too, Gail. My Jerry is so pessimistic about…[Read more]

  • It was a nice day for us today. Temps were in the 50’s so that was comfortable. Joey came up and ate dinner with us. Lisa is working late; so he made her a plate for home, and took him one too. lol It makes us feel so good to see him eating a little more now. He was getting so thin. The monitor report finally came; and it mostly said he has…[Read more]

  • Dearest Colleen and family, God has called home another beautiful soul; and even though we cry for our earthly loss; she is now your heavenly Angel. Love and prayers for you and your family.
    Beautiful messages and pictures from everyone. So sweet and I remember how comforting your messages have always been for me when in times of trials and…[Read more]

  • Very sunny and warm here today, flowers blooming, trees blooming. We rode into town and dropped off our tax information. We have literally had the same tax person for 30 years; and she and her husband retired; so NOW…I am on pins and needles because we have never even met our new lady. Our other lady became like a friend; who we came to know of…[Read more]

  • So sorry your shoulder is giving you so much pain, Adele. Yes, I agree with you that since it is just getting worse that you have made the right decision to see the doctor about surgery. Please keep us posted. Hope your friend will feel better soon. I know you are worried. Love that Tillie wore her green finery. She is doing so well. And Colleen…[Read more]

  • Sue hooray for your beautiful day! So happy for you. Hope it lasts a long time and your snow days are over for this year. Did you get out and celebrate? Wish we were all there with you; we could go to lunch and just laugh and enjoy your good news. We are warm here today. We had just awful storms here a few days ago; but the terrible part went on…[Read more]

  • Evening friends. Gail, I bet you do have a latex sensitivity with those gloves, and Adele is right about mentioning it if ever in for a procedure since it does need to be a part of your medical record. That was so good of you to mention about using another type of tape for Adele for Garys wound; since so many, including myself, are very sensitive…[Read more]

  • Glad to hear that your Mom is better Colleen. And super happy to hear that your Mom’s outlook on life is so improved, Adele. I know you both are feeling so good about these improvements. This is wonderful news, girls. I bet if you are taking care of your Mom and Ron is staying home he is really missing you. He would even probably gladly eat potato…[Read more]

  • Finally able to take some time to drop in and say hello to everyone. It is cold and foggy and misty here. Supposed to have teens for temps the next few nights; so really don’t know what to expect. If you listen to one weatherman; they say one thing, and change the channel and they say something else. Is it that way where you live? Jerry always…[Read more]

  • Hope everyone is having a good day. It is some warmer here since the rain stopped but just heard we are to have rain/sleet/snow on Sunday. Our weather is just flip flopping back and forth and keeping everyone sick. Gail, hope you and your hubby are much better, your Mom too Colleen. I have to agree Adele, this winter has not been kind to our…[Read more]

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