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  • It is really getting crazier and crazier here. we have an order to pick up at Kroger tomorrow, but will not know until we get there what we recieved and what is not even available. We do already know there will be no milk, juice, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, and we need all those things, It said online they are…[Read more]

  • Hello to All my dear friends. I am SO happy to be feeling good enough to get my computer out and write to you all. This has been such a scary time for us and I am so grateful for each and every day that I feel better. My ankles and the tops of my feet are still swollen; I get short of breath when I push myself. I know it is good for me to push…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Today is a good day so I am trying to get word to you all that I am some better, but still working on finding some answers. I have been to the blood doctor who did a chest xray since he couldn’t hear me breathing good in the base of my right lung. They say it is fluid, and are still sending me to see about this. My breathing is so…[Read more]

  • Hope Heather got some good news from her check up Adele. How are her legs and feet doing now? Does she feel like the sensations are coming back? Prays for continued improvements. Ms. Tillie is probably just tired from all the activity; and I know that I am not able to do as much when the weather is cold or rainy. My bones and body in general just…[Read more]

  • Hello All, sounds like everyone is really in the Christmas spirit. Jerry caught the cold so he has been pretty sick. We are sleeping in seperate rooms; but it is okay since we have Ruby this week too. So the kitty, puppy and I sleep on the futon let out in the family room. It is quite a sight to see the three of us all stretched out. Jerry sneezes…[Read more]

  • Hello friends. We are doing some better. Jerry and I were so tired after the baby left that we could barely get from room to room without resting. We are really out of shape and I know we both thought we were in a little better shape before they came. I guess following along someone who is as fast as lightning is harder than I realized. He is SO…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Neal and his little family are on the road right now. He actually worked today; got off at 2. He texted us last night and said the baby has a cold; and was concerned about us. Jerry said tell him bring that baby! and I told him not to worry; we will do everything to “sanitize” us all and him and not to worry. So please say a little…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. So glad your PT lady helped you Adele. I know it just feels wonderful when you are having a good day. It is like a celebration. Jerry and I have really been fortunate this week in that we are doing good, and have been able to go into town several times to shop for things we need for the family coming. Colleen, he let me out at Big…[Read more]

  • Thank you Gail for the update with Brents tests. Wish they were sending a home health nurse to give him his shots. Bless his heart; that is hard to do to yourself. But since he knows they will help him I guess he is willing to do just about anything to finally get better. Will definitely keep praying for him. I know you all exhausted. Bet you rest…[Read more]

  • We made it back from the doctor and we got in and out quickly, thank goodness. Jerry and I used so much hand sanitizer while we were there we reeked. lol But we are just so afraid of picking up something especially when we are well when we go in. He was happy I guess today. He laughed with us about this requirement of coming in due to pain med…[Read more]

  • My goodness are we ever COLD here tonight. DOwn in the teens for us and not over the 20″s for tomorrow. Guess what? Jerry and I have our doctors appointment tomorrow too. Down here; if you are on any kind of pain medicine you are required to come in every 3 months for them to ask you questions regarding drug abuse. It is absolutely ridiculous. But…[Read more]

  • Hope everyone is doing well this evening. It is very cold here; Jerry is building a fire tonight; and we also have little space heaters that we have been using before it turned so cold. It is to go down to 16 here tomorrow night and stay really cold; then warm just enough on Monday for rain but then turn into snow/sleet/ice around sunset that day;…[Read more]

  • Two very tired but very happy grands back from the mountains and our little one. Bless his little heart; he has so much energy and he has such a small area to play in their apartment. I wish so much that they were able to have a yard for him to play in; but just not the right time I guess. Jerry was so stiff and hurting from the drive; but he…[Read more]

  • Bless little Heathers heart Adele. I know you all are so worried and I will definitely be praying for all of you. Is her blood sugar normal? Just thinking that blood sugar levels being too high or too low leads to nerve problems (I know Colleen can help us on this) but was just thinking mabey her levels might have caused some nerve damage that no…[Read more]

  • DD I am praying for your friend Critt and for Hallie. I know they both mean so much to you; and it hurts us to see those we care about hurting too; whether physical, mental, or both. Our son Joey, who stayed in the military for 4 years where our oldest son Buddy, stayed for 25, anyway, Joey shakes a lot now, and never did before he went overseas…[Read more]

  • Sorry to hear about your gout acting up Adele. Gosh, you are just needing some relief from all this. I can’t see what you ate that would bring it on; but it may be just like the nurse said, your whole system is out of sorts right now. Prayers coming your way.
    Joey came up for a couple of hours this evening; ate dinner with us; and we visited. It…[Read more]

  • Hope all those awful storms have passed now. Sue, that was terrible about your door that night. I would have been beside myself with fear. I bought two of something called Adalock from Amazon. I bought it originally for my husband when he was having to stay in these not so nice hotels when traveling across country driving the big truck. His…[Read more]

  • Surely hope your shoulder is doing better today Adele. I am glad your dizziness is better. Taking a fluid pill will sometimes cause dizziness due to the fact that you are draining your body of so many of the necessary electrolytes (potassium, sodium, etc.) and it can make you feel all out of sorts. But; if you are retaining too much fluid; then…[Read more]

  • First so happy and excited for more baby news Colleen! I know you all are just over the moon with excitement, and now with Adele and her little boy on the way too; there will be so much happy baby news for you all to keep us up on. Congrats to all of you. It sounds like you had such a wonderful time on your trip. I only found out about the…[Read more]

  • Adele, hope you are beginning to regain some of the strength you lost while in the hospital. I know its hard to believe; but just being hospitalized literally drains our body of real energy and stamina; and it does takes weeks sometimes months to regain what we have lost. So, please keep moving as best you can; and utilize anything you have to…[Read more]