2013 4th Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!

Gosh, I don’t know about you – but I think the sign that I’m holding from Jeanne’s house says it all!!! Could you imagine a world without cookies?!?!?

Let me tell you something, our beloved Jeanne Bice certainly couldn’t – and she knew that cookies weren’t just for Christmas! Whenever you went to her house, there were lots of treats – regardless of the time of year – and you could always count on some good old homemade cookies to be in her cookie jar!

But it was at Christmas and the holiday season that you would find ALL of Jeanne’s cookie jars brimming over with the most Quack-A-Licious cookies you could ever imagine.Jeanne loved baking AND SHARING cookies so much… THAT’S the reason we have a Cookie Exchange Show at QVC every year! As we mentioned in last weeks ‘Fridays at the Factory’, Jeanne was so excited about her OWN holiday cookie exchange party, that she sent out ‘Save The Date!’ invitations to all of her friends in July!!! (How’s THAT for being prepared?!)

Well, we know that Jeanne was smiling down from heaven when she saw the Cookie Exchange party the Quacker Factory team threw for her this year at QVC! How could she not love an audience that looked like this – aren’t they all looking Quack-Tabulous?!?!

I’m sure you would agree that Angel and Leah look absolutely gorgeous all decked out in their holiday Quacker BEST! I think it’s pretty obvious that they were having lots of fun!!

Also, check out the food that we had on set!! These cookies were made by our QVC culinary team and were inspired by some of Jeanne’s recipes – and YOURS! Of course, I LOVED that I was seated right next to the food table during the entire show! And yes, you know I HAD to try just about every cookie – after all, I was only trying to be polite!

And if I were being 100% honest, I must admit that my favorite cookies that day were the ones made by our amazing Quacker Factory artist, Diane. They were from Jeanne’s own snickerdoodle recipe – and they really were DELICIOUS! Here’s a picture of them – don’t you just love the snowman icing – they are exactly how I remember Jeanne making them.


And it wouldn’t be a live audience show without Angel and me being able to personally meet all of the audience members afterwards. It’s probably our absolute favorite part of the show. Here we are with our new Quacker friend Rachel, wearing her beautiful Quacker top with pride! She told us that she’s been a fan of our clothes since she was a young girl but was too little to wear them – her mom got her started when she got older! (Way to go Mom!) Not only was Rachel in the audience, but she was also blogging with me during the show – how’s THAT for multi-tasking?!

Thank you all SO much for joining us during our 4th Annual Quacker Factory Cookie Exchange show – we’re so grateful that you chose to spend your time with us! On behalf of the entire Quacker Factory team, we extend our warmest greetings as you celebrate the holidays this year!!!!!

We can’t wait to see you next year – in the meantime, Happy, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!!!!!

Quacker Hugs & Love!!!!

Patrick and the Entire Quacker Factory Team

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