My shower was this past Sunday, held at the Hotel du Pont in downtown Wilmington, DE.  It was a high tea, and it was lovely!

The room was spectacular, the food was delicious, and so many of my friends, co-workers & family members- about 50 in total, were in attendance to honor me.  I am beyond humbled by this event.

Everyone was so generous with their time & also the array of gifts given to Glen & me.  Here are some photos from the day!  Enjoy!!

pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

pic 3.jpg

The beautiful tablescape!!  The mums were a give-away at the end of the day!

pic 4.jpg

My beautiful friend Andrea created a beautiful display for the cupcake table with flowers & feathers & gold frames & candles—just breathtaking!

pic 5.jpg

A little champagne punch to start the party!

pic 6.jpg

Gorgeous, DELICIOUS cupcakes from my favorite bakery for everyone to take home!! 

pic 7.jpg

The yummy tea sandwiches!

pic 8.jpg

So that we remembered those who have passed on-photos of my Aunt, Mother & Glen’s parents.

pic 9.jpg

My beautiful sister Vickie took charge of the entire event!! 

pic 10.jpg

My cousin Christy- love this girl!

pic 11.jpg

Susan was in charge of the photography, posing with her daughter Oliva!! 

pic 12.jpg

Part of the Quacker team- Susan & Diane were in attendance!! 

pic 13.jpg

My friend Lisa created a photo slide show of me to share at the shower—it was so sweet!!

Beverly, in the middle, flew in from Montreal for the day to enjoy the shower then flew out that night to Los Angeles for a meeting on Monday morning!!!  I haven’t seen her in years, and it was so fantastic to get to spend the day with her!!

Keri was Bev’s chauffer for the day!  Thank you Keri!!!!

pic 14.jpg

Some of my former runway pals!! 

pic 15.jpg

My friend Lori posted this on line—she loved the gals she sat with!!  PS—I love them too!!  Perhaps you might  recognize a few??

pic 16.jpg

The posse being silly!!

pic 17.jpg

The gifts were so thoughtful!!!

pic 18.jpg

My sister Vickie bought me this adorable tote bag!!  That’s me—THE BRIDE!!!

pic 19.jpg

Goodies for the guests to take home!   A philosophy shower gel with a tag that read—from Angel’s Shower to yours…..  cute idea huh!!

It was a wonderful day that flew by!!  The countdown is on now—only seven weeks until our big event!!  I cannot wait to share photos of everything!!  Until next time—

Quack, Quack!


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  1. Debbie Striblng October 19, 2015 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Lovely celebration of things to come!
    Congratulation’s to Glenn, you are a catch!
    Best wishes you two!

  2. Barbara Freeman November 28, 2015 at 6:46 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo’s with us…you look beautiful.

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