Several years ago, right after Jeanne passed away, Tim very generously gave me some of her things. One of the items I received was her tall lanterns. So over the years I have decorated them for the holidays- July 4th, Christmas, etc. This time I wanted to share with you how I have “Fall-O-Fied” her lanterns.

Now I wanted these to look really great, but also to be easy! I kind of have a lot going on right now! But No matter what is happening, I always love to seasonally decorate our home.  So I headed right on over to my favorite Arts & Crafts store and wondered through the aisles till I found some stems & other fall inspired items that I liked.

You will need some florist wire & wire cutters. But be careful, you don’t want to cut yourself!!

I used some fun garland, which I cut to the size I needed, to wrap the candles I placed inside of the lanterns.  Since the weight of the stems is a little heavy, I would recommend grabbing some of your favorite flameless candles with a remote, so you don’t have to worry about lighting them or having the lantern get too hot!

Bend & cut the wire of the stems to your preferred length. Then wrap the stems around the top of your lantern & secure with some florist wire. If you are able, you can forego the florist wire, but it does help to make the stems extra secure!!

Add more of the foliage & a bow, and you are good to go!! This only took me a short amount of time to Fall-O-Fy my lanterns.  And I got to think a lot about Jeanne during the process.

So here is my question to you- how do you like to decorate for fall?? Or perhaps you prefer to decorate for Halloween? Perhaps both—like me!! I look forward to reading about how YOU decorate!

Until next time… Quack, Quack

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