Last week I had the pleasure to travel to New York City with my sister Vickie & my very good friends Dan & Susan for my appointment at Kleinfelds!!!!  If you are not familiar with this wedding gown mecca, it is where the show “Say Yes to The Dress” is filmed & Kleinfelds has been in business for over 60 years!!

When we first got engaged, I actually decided that I did not want a wedding gown.  We thought we would just have a big party—so I didn’t want a gown.  Then that rascal Dennis Basso made me cry when he told me he wanted me to wear one of the gowns from his exclusive line at Kleinfelds.  So with that, I decided we should have a more traditional wedding.  It is my first & last wedding, so why not!!

As I was preparing for our trip, I searched the pages of Kleinfelds website to see what gowns I might like to try.  I found a few and burned them into my memory for my appointment.  Now I didn’t want to fall in love with a certain gown, because I wanted to be open to see what looked great on MY body—and not the bodies of the tall, lanky models in the photos!!!  I think this is very important—you need to see what looks great on you!

When we entered the building, it was just massive!!!  And for a Tuesday at noon—the joint was jumping!!  So many brides to be, with their families!!!

{At the reception desk.  Like my Lady Leopard Animal Print Sparkle Cardigan?}

The manager Joan came to check on me & then assigned Allison as my bridal consultant.  (the very next day I saw her on an episode of SYTTD, she is as sweet in person as she was on the show!!).

She took me to a private room & we chatted about what kind of dress I was looking for. I shared with her the gowns I saw on their site & that of course I would only be trying on Dennis Basso gowns!!!

She brought in a few for me to try, the first one—lots of beading on top with a very full satin skirt—beautiful, but not the one!!!

Next I tried a chiffon gown that was just stunning—it was in the running, but I felt it just wasn’t quite right.

Then I had the pleasure of trying on a gown that I could not even get up on my body (hard when the dress is a 6 & I am a 20!!!)—so I held it in front of me and had Allison go grab my sister Vickie.  It was nice, but still wasn’t the one!!!

She showed me a few gowns with sleeves & beading, and I said no way, I will be too hot!!!

Then last but not least, I found the one.  Now as much as you all would love to see it, I have decided to not reveal the gown I chose until the day of our wedding in November.  But let me tell you—it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!  Sorry for the tease!!!

After we finished at Kleinfelds & I said YES TO THE DRESS!!!  We got back in the car and headed to Becco for a late lunch!!!  If you have never eaten here—I highly recommend it!  Lidia Bastianich owns this restaurant & the name means “duck” in Italian—I mean we had to go there, right?!?!?  And look who stopped in for a quick hug—my dear friend Jane Treacy!!  She was in New York with her daughter & just had to stop by!!!   She’s the best!!!

After our lunch we got back in the car for the three hour journey home—traffic was tough due to the rain!!  But I wasn’t driving, so I fell fast asleep from the wonderful pasta & wine I had at the restaurant.  I think I began dreaming of my big day later this year—ahh pleasant dreams!!!!

The very next morning, Dennis Basso called me to see how everything went—isn’t he a doll!!!

Now many of you have asked me if I am going to be on the television show “Say Yes to the Dress” like Courtney Cason.  Unfortunately when I went for look for my gown, the show was not filming at that time.  But I have been in touch with them & we are hoping they will film me when I go back to Kleinfelds for my first fitting!!!  So let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we?!?!?

Until next time…..

Quack, Quack!


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