For The Quacker Factory’s 20th anniversary year at QVC, our team will be writing some blogs that discuss how we first were introduced to Jeanne & The Quacker Factory!  Here is my story…….

Back in 2005, while I was modelling at QVC.  Jeanne Bice & the Quacker Factory were one of the clients I modeled for on the air.  Jeanne & I would chat before the shows, and sometimes on set.  She was always funny & had so much great advice.

After one show, all of the models received an invitiation to The Quaker Factory’s 10th Anniversary Party in Florida.  The dressing room was all abuzz with the thought of being invited!!  Yet no one seemed to be able to attend.  I decided that I did not want to miss any of the fun, and I would cetainly be on that boat!!!  I convinced my sister Vickie to join me, and off we went!!  Now ten years ago it was much easier to get her to come with me she was not married and did not have kids at the time!! 

Jeanne threw a party like no one I had ever met!  On this boat, were members of the QVC team, members of our manufacturing team & of course the design team!!    What a gorgeous day for a ride along the inter coastal!!

{Vickie & I}

{Lee Bice, Lori & I!} 

{Sue, Myself & Annette}

{Our gracious host- Jeanne!}


{Vickie still has this photo in a frame in her home!!}

While on the ship, we enjoyed lots of great food, cocktails & live music!!  Jeanne wanted everyone to have an incredible time and boy did we ever!!!

After the boat docked, and everyone was back on dry land, a group of us made our way to downtown Delray Beach for more fun dancing the night away!!

{Myself, Tiago & Vickie}

The next day, Jeanne called me & invited us to come to her home.  This was the VERY FIRST TIME I ever saw Jeanne without her famous headband!!  I felt like I belonged to a very private, secret club!!! 

She welcomed us into her home with open arms & I will never ever forget that day!

After this celebration, things changed between Jeanne & me.  We talked more often; we became friends—not just work colleagues.  She would invite me to dinner when she was in town for work & she even began to invite me to come & stay with her at her home in Florida. 

Eventually Jeanne asked me to be her makeup artist before shows at QVC, and to top it all off, she offered me a job with her design team when I had mentioned to her that I had lost a part time job.

It always amazes me how I ended up where I am today.  Jeanne saw something in me, she wanted to talk to me & see how my life was going.  She supported me when my mother passed away.  She gave me a job when I needed one!!   I can never, ever thank her enough for believing in me & welcoming me into her world with open arms!!  Because of her, I have met some of the most amazing people—Quackers and her team & her family.  Jeanne will forever & always be my Fairy Godmother! 

Thank you Jeanne—with much love & respect!



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