If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my post a few weeks ago about my Aunt’s passing.

I wanted to take a moment to remember her and share these memories with you.

Joan Marie was giving, caring, funny & quirky.  She was ever dedicated to her family—her siblings, her parents, her daughter, her grand kids & her nieces & nephews.  She was the younger sister of my Mother & they were very close.  In fact my cousin Christy, me & my sisters grew up together—just like sisters!

As my cousin sifted through thousands of photos for the funeral, there were quite a few that made all of us go—“Wow, I remember that moment…”


{My mother & Joan Marie on Christmas morning}


{Uncle Frank, my Mother holding my sister Diane, my Dad & Aunt Joan Marie}

She was quite the foxy lady!!!  Our family shared so many memories at her home – holidays, pool parties, family reunions & Princess House demonstrations!!!!

My Aunt never cared if my sisters & I brought over one friend or 10, she loved hosting and having people use the pool.  I also think she enjoyed the company.  There were many summers when I’d host 25 or more friends at her home for pool parties!!   After she sold her home, to down size, I remember telling her that when Glen & I bought a home, if it had a pool, we would host the summer barbecues like she used to.  But now she didn’t have to worry about all the fuss, she could just come & enjoy.

Last fall Aunt Joan Marie came to my home to help me craft for a crafting blog.  She loved crafting very much—everything from crocheting, to painting, making ornaments and we even enjoyed scrapbooking together!!  She was also an avid photographer– she loved taking photographs of all of us & the rest of the family growing up.  So many great memories!!! 

One thing I will always remember about Aunt Joan Marie is how she was just so proud of all of us.  I know she missed my Mother terribly.  She would look at me & tears would well up in her eyes every time we even mentioned my Mom.  We didn’t have to speak, but we knew what each other was thinking!!  I can only hope they are laughing together in Heaven.

Joan Marie also loved QVC & Quacker Factory.  She attended every live audience show she could (my cousins husband just told me she had about 20 duck whistles in her apartment) and she also came on the 2011 Quacker Cruise.   She was a delight to everyone who knew her & she will be terribly missed.  I am very sad that she will not be at my wedding in November—well not in person anyway, in spirit.  


{Christopher, Chris, Vickie, my Dad-Chuck, me, Christy & Aunt Joan Marie at the
housewarming party Jeanne threw for me when I bought my first home}

I will miss you Aunt Joan Marie!!


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  1. Colleen April 18, 2015 at 1:10 am - Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt. I remember the blog about you two crafting together. She seemed to be such a sweet person.  What great memories she has left you with though.

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