Having a little Christmas crafting fun…..

I was looking for an idea to add some winter fell to our mantel this year at Christmas.  The tree in our living room has a Snowman theme, so I wanted to continue the theme onto our mantel.  I looked at several stores, I looked online, but nothing seemed to make me happy.  So I thought I would go ahead & make something myself.

So after really thinking about it, I decided to create some winter photo frames!!  And guess what the best part is— they are INCREDIBLY EASY!!  My favorite!!

I went to my favorite craft store and picked up 3 different sized frames (and they were on sale), some scrapbook paper and even some glittery fabric.  The snowflake ornaments were ones that were previously Jeanne’s, and I th9ught it would be a great way to remember her each Christmas.  But you certainly can make paper snowflakes or by some inexpensive snowflake ornaments from your favorite store.

Now it’s time to assemble.  Cut the fabric or the paper to the size you need to fit your frame.  Gently open the back of the frame, lifting the metal fasteners with a screwdriver & remove the paper & mat if you choose.  Insert the paper or fabric, and then use tape to secure it in place.  And replace the back of the frame, gently replace the fasteners.  And VIOLA—





I created three different frames—because I like decorating with an odd number.  Hope you enjoyed this craft!!  It felt really good to be creative!!

Until next time—Quack, Quack—


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