Patrick Hoy here – and it is so good to be back with my new ‘Patrick’s Pick of the Month! And this is EXTRA SPECIAL because it’s the BIG Deal on QVC2!!!!

BIG Deal!

That’s right – our newest Quacker Factory creation really IS a BIG Deal! If you’re not familiar with what a BIG Deal on QVC2 is – let me tell you! Every day – just like on the regular QVC channel – there is ONE item that is chosen as the BEST deal of the day. BIG stands for ‘Before It’s Gone’ – so you don’t want to wait even a second before ordering this one!

A Recipe of Style!

What do you get when you mix Chic, Classy and a pinch of SASSY?! Tonight’s BIG Deal! That’s right, our amazing and talented Design Team has been cooking up a winning recipe for you with our newest Quacker Factory BIG Deal! We’re calling this the Set of 2 Chic Sparkle Cut-Out V-Neck Knit T-Shirts!

Double Your Pleasure – And Double Your FUN!

When you welcome this new BIG Deal into your wardrobe, you’ll be bringing in TWO new friends to your home! We know you LOVE value – and we know you will think these are so Quack-A-Licious, that 1 just wouldn’t be enough – so we’re giving you TWO tops in this set! Speaking of double the fun – just look at Angel & Colleen in the Wine & Dark Olive set!

Jeanne Bice – The Harry Houdini of Women’s Fashion!

I often describe Jeanne as the Harry Houdini of Fashion – she was the queen of smoke & mirrors and knew more tricks about designing women’s clothes – so that you could look your best. And while she was certainly the best in giving us comfortable, casual items to wear – she also loved to give you a few dressy items for those red-carpet moments in your lives. This new top is definitely one of those!

We know you all love one of the hottest trends in fashion this year – the cold-shoulder – but we also know that many of you don’t want to expose that much shoulder – so we’ve come up with this fantastic set of two tops that will have you looking your best – AND have you feeling confident and comfortable when you put them on for your special occasions. We’ve designed this to show off a little of your shoulder so that you can feel sassy when you put it on. You love V-Neck tops because they frame your face and beautiful smiles – and they elongate your face – which we know our apple & round-faced gals love!

Look at how STUNNING Colleen & Monica look in the Black & Heather Grey set! I think that you’ll agree that this stylish, fashion forward cut out neckline shape – with sparkle – will give you that perfect amount of shoulder emphasis – as well as versatility and ‘versa-style’!

And look at how gorgeous Colleen is in the Oatmeal color (which comes with Ruby Red)! And isn’t her four-legged friend adorable?!

Color Me Beautiful!

We’ve got 5 YEAR-ROUND sets of colors that will have you looking your best no matter what time of the year it is. We definitely think these are season-less colors that will having you looking and feeling FABULOUS! Now all you have to do is decide which color set(s) you’ll be getting!

Black & Heather Grey
Wine & Dark Olive
White & Chestnut
Ruby Red & Oatmeal
Light Navy & Orchid

And each top has a beautiful combination of clear AND smoky rhinestones to give you that extra bit of sparkle and shine!

But WAIT – That’s Not All!!

We couldn’t give you a BIG Deal without some other great items – so just wait until you see all of the Quack-Tastic items we have to go with these sets! All you have to do is tune into QVC2 starting at 9pm ET – and all will be revealed!! If your cable provider doesn’t have QVC2, that’s NO problem at all – just click on this link to watch the show live on your computer, smart phone or tablet:

Make sure to join Angel & me throughout the day today and tomorrow, August 30th & 31st – we’ve got a full 24 hours of FUN and fashion for you on QVC2! I’ll be chatting with you tonight at 9pm ET for TWO FUN hours – and then again tomorrow for two more hours starting at 7pm ET. All you have to do to join the chat is go to Angel’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it. Here’s the link:

Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!


Click on the link below to see more detail about Patrick’s Pick:

A291843 – Set of 2 Chic Sparkle Cut-Out V-Neck Knit T-Shirts –


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