Celebrating 23 years with QVC Friends

Every year on February 4 (which we designate as National Quacker Day) all of us at Quacker Factory pause and reflect on our amazing journey since February 4, 1995 when Jeanne Bice, our beloved founder, made her first appearance on QVC, accompanied by Karin, her daughter-in-law.

Little did Jeanne, or any of us, know that during the years that followed millions of women all over America (and many elsewhere in the world) would form the ‘sisterhood’ of Quackers-wearing the distinctive, unmistakable designs that make Quacker Factory apparel so well loved.

There are many contributing factors why Quacker Factory has attracted so many women who began as customers but became loyal friends.   Clearly Jeanne’s magnetic personality and her inspiring stories attracted legions of QVC viewers, and made her books best sellers. But it was her insight and creativity, which she expressed in her fashion, that made Quacker Factory succeed and endure.

Jeanne believed that everyone deserved to be happy. She believed that life is a journey—filled with ups and downs, joyful memories and sad ones, too. She believed that everyone could make choices that determined whether they would find ‘happy’ on their journey—as she did when she lost her husband, Butch.

As she said in her first book: ‘Honey, you have to pull yourself up by your bra straps!’ And she did!

Jeanne opted for ‘happy’ wherever and whenever she could. She chose happy people to be her best friends. She decorated her home in happy colors and furnishings—inside and outside–as you can see in these photos,


She looked for ways to surround herself with ‘happy’—and as a result she discovered an amazing opportunity: inspire women with clothes that make them look and feel happy.

Jeanne’s ‘happy’ approach to fashion design won the audition that led to Quacker Factory’s first appearance on QVC, February 4, 1995. Jeanne, and her amazing design team, never wavered in their commitment to that creative philosophy. Today Quacker Factory’s design philosophy remains as Jeanne envisioned it: Create clothes that make people look and feel happy. Unique designs, top quality great value. That way they’ll create Happy memories every time they wear Quacker Factory. Whether it’s at holidays and special occasions or every day, Quacker wearers will make Happy memories throughout the year. Happy memories with family and friends. Happy memories with strangers who smile and stop to say hello.

Each of the designs in the Quacker Factory Collections on our Quackerfactory.com website can create memories that you can make wearing them.


That’s what we will be celebrating throughout 2018. Twenty-three years of Making Memories Together…with the wonderful women who also choose happy in their lives. Wearing Quacker Factory designs. Spreading joy. Making others smile. Making happy memories.

We hope you’ll send us stories and pictures of your Happy Memories wearing Quacker Factory. We want to share them with others…to inspire them and keep spreading the joy.

Nothing would make Jeanne happier.

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  1. Avatar
    MaryAnn Mather March 26, 2018 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    I have a denim jacket that I bought in 1996 or 97 with a beautiful Angel flying on the back of it.. That was my first purchased from Quacker Factory and I’m still wearing it. Since then I must have at least 100 of your fashions in my closet. My daughter and I just love your clothes. I loved Jeanie and have grown to love you to Angel. I expect to see you on QVC for the next 40 years.

  2. Avatar
    Kay Field April 3, 2018 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Please , I need straight leg ankle pants NO pockets on the back. Love quacke r and enjoy Angel. Keep up the good work. My closest is trimming over!!!

  3. Avatar
    Debra Graner April 23, 2018 at 4:48 am - Reply

    Quacker makes me happy! Thanx.
    Love Angel & Patrick!

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