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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited the Quacker Factory team is about QVC’s newest channel – QVC Plus!

Actually, it’s not exactly ‘new’ anymore – because it’s been broadcasting now for over a year in the good old US of A – but 2016 marks the beginning of a NEW weekly and LIVE Quacker Factory show on QVC Plus!

So many of you have written to Angel & me on Facebook asking “What the heck is QVC Plus?!” – so I wanted to share with you how the newest channel in the QVC family came to be – and why we’re so excited about it!

Way Across The Duck Pond

 QVC Plus may be new in America, but it actually got its beginnings across the duck pond in England & Germany.  As you might know, QVC is an international company with studios not only in America – but in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, China – and as of last August, Paris, France.  It seems that your sisters around the world love to shop on the Q as much as you do!

Several years ago, England & Germany decided to do a trial of broadcasting additional channels on the QVC network.  They knew that because everyone’s schedules’ during the day and evening were different, that meant that many people missed out on seeing their favorite shows on QVC – so they decided to add an additional channel to help viewers increase their chances of seeing their favorite shows.  Most of the shows were initially pre-recorded ones from QVC’s regular live channel – and shown at later – and multiple – times throughout the week.  It’s went so well in Europe, that QVC UK now has THREE additional channels – QVC Beauty, QVC Extra and QVC Style!  Can you even begin to imagine how fun it is to have a dedicated QVC channel just for clothes and jewelry – and another one just for beauty products?!?!

The response from the viewers across the pond was overwhelmingly positive – they LOVED having more opportunity to shop!

So this got QVC thinking…

As you probably know, there are LOTS of different sets in each of the QVC studios around the world.  Kitchen sets.  Living Room sets.  Garden sets.  Bedroom sets. Beauty sets.  Etc., etc., etc.!  And only one set is being used at any one time – which means that all of the other sets just sit there empty.  It seemed such a waste that those beautiful sets were not being used – so QVC came up with the brilliant idea that they could put some of those sets to use and do additional live shows on their other channels in Europe!  After all, they had the cameras, they also had the incredible team members already in the studios – so it just made sense to put those studios – and those team members – to good use!  This now meant that the other channels didn’t just have to show recorded shows – but now they could create new & different – and LIVE – shows!

Back In America

 After the tremendous results and feedback from QVC UK & QVC Germany, America decided to launch their own additional channel – called QVC Plus! It initially started out just showing all of the same shows as QVC – but 3 hours later.  Now you’re able to get even more Q in one day with QVC Plus – just like England & Germany can!  QVC Plus has everything you love about QVC – your favorite shows, brands, Program Hosts, and special offers – PLUS the convenience of seeing shows you may have missed at another time.  This also gives you a wonderful alternative to what’s on QVC.  It’s the same Q – PLUS more!!

And We’re Going Live in 5…4…3…2…1!

You all LOVED being able to catch up with shows you missed – but you wanted some more live shows as well – so QVC Plus came to the rescue – and has recently started doing live shows as well!  And if that wasn’t good enough, QVC Plus now has three shows that they do at the same time every single week (what they call ‘static’ shows.  ‘Styled Out’ is a multi-guested, multi-product show on Thursdays, and Susan Graver is broadcast live every Sunday – and now Quacker Factory has a new show EVERY Wednesday night at 10pm ET on QVC Plus – how cool is that?!?!

More – Not Less!

 What an absolute honor it is for all of us at Quacker Factory to be asked by QVC to have a regular LIVE show EVERY Wednesday on QVC Plus!  We know that Jeanne Bice is smiling down from heaven knowing that the fun and happiness she created is on TWO QVC channels!!!  We still have all of our other shows on QVC – but now we have 52 more LIVE shows a year – how Quack-Tastic is that?!

But How Do I Order?!

 QVC Plus is so special that it even has it’s own 1-800 numbers.  When you watch QVC Plus, whether it’s our live Quacker Factory show on Wednesday night – or you’re catching up with one of your favorite other shows that was pre-recorded – you can bypass the busy regular QVC 1-800 number – because they have a dedicated number just for QVC Plus viewers – where you’ll speak to the same great team members at QVC’s award winning order center.  If you want to speak to an operator, dial 1-800-500-7590 – and if you want to use Automated Ordering, just dial 1-800-500-7591.  Easy, easy!

But do you want to know what’s even easier?!  You don’t even have to pick up the phone to order – you can go directly to www.qvc.com and order from there!!  Now, that’s what I call Quack-Tabulous!!!


Angel & I recently appeared on QVC Plus to kick off Quacker Factory’s 21st year at QVC during our National Quacker Day show!  We know that Jeanne would have been so honored and happy!


But How Do I Watch QVC Plus?!

 These are the current cable providers who carry QVC Plus:

Direct TV – Channel 79                     AT&T UVerse – Channel 421

Verizon – Channel 153                     Dish Network – Channel 255

Time Warner – Check you local cable guide

QVC is working with the other cable providers to hopefully get them to add QVC Plus – but if your provider don’t get QVC Plus yet – No worries!!

You can join us on your Computer, Tablet or Smart phone ONLINE by clicking on the link at www.qvc.com OR you can always click on the link at www.quackerfactory.com/qvc-plus


That’s A Wrap!

I hope I’ve been able to answer some of your questions about ‘What The Heck Is QVC Plus?!’  Have you watched QVC Plus yet?  Are you as excited about our new Quacker Factory ‘Chick’s Night In’ LIVE show EVERY Wednesday night at 10pm ET?!  I wish I could be there every Wednesday to chat with you – but my wings would probably be worn out if I had to fly across the duck pond every Wednesday!  But since we know how much you LOVE to chat during the shows, so I’m SO excited that my dear friend Kristy can join Angel each week – and chat with all of you!  So don’t forget to tune into QVC Plus at 10pm ET every Wednesday!!


Plus – MORE!!!

And remember – it’s the same Q – PLUS more!!!!

Quacker Hugs & Love From Across the Duck Pond!




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  1. Katy Quick(Quick Quack) February 13, 2016 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    I enjoy watching Quacker on QVC plus but wish I could get it on my normal TV. I have Mediacom in Des Moines, Iowa. Hope you can work to be able to have them sign up to carry QVC PLUS. Thank You for the Birthday message.

  2. Jo Anne Nieman February 17, 2016 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    I do not have QVC Plus. I have called Comcast and requested it but nothing yet. I have clicked on QVC.com and the message says: “QVC is not available”.
    The second channel, may be nice but for me it is a total blank, will you be back on the regular QVC channel??

    Jo Anne

  3. Sue Lockhart February 25, 2016 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    I have Comcast and can’t get QVC Plus. I would love to watch AT on Wednesday night. SUE

  4. Vee March 16, 2016 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    I need QVC Plus over the air (not cable, not dish)!

  5. Vee March 16, 2016 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    I need QVC Plus over the air(not cable, not dish)!

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