I cannot believe it is July already! Where is this year going?? But of course this means only FOUR more months until our big day, November 20!! WOW!! It feels like we JUST got engaged!! Here is a wedding update for you all!

Well our latest adventure was the tasting at the country club where our reception will be held.

I invited my sister Vickie & my BFF Susan along with me & Glen for the taste test!!

Prior to the tasting, we heard all day that there would be some bad weather coming through our area at the same time we were leaving for the country club. Well the weather forecasters WERE NOT KIDDING! Just as we were pulling in to the parking lot the skies opened…. I mean it started pouring!!!!!! I was driving so I pulled up to the door to let everyone out, and then I parked the car. Well, my umbrella was all the way in the back of my SUV, and I had to run out to grab it, when I opened the umbrella, in the gale force winds, it opened in the opposite direction. So I hopped back into the car. As I surveyed the situation, I realized that the rain was not going to pass quickly, and I was already drenched, so I ran for it!

Everyone including our wedding consultant, Lyndi, was standing there in amazement at my soaked self!!! I could’ve gotten mad, but why—it was just rain!! So Lyndi grabbed me two table cloths to dry & wrap myself in. Such a thing could only happen to me!! Hey– it could’ve been worse, this could’ve been my wedding day!!!

Lyndi guided us to our table in the restaurant that is also located in the country club so that we could relax, grab me some hot tea, and let the tasting begin!!

We began with four salad choices—spring mix, baby spinach, Caesar & the Springfield house salad. They were all delicious, but which one do you think we chose???  



From the bottom of my heart—thank you all!!


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