THANK YOU to all who watched, were there in person, or wished they were in attendance at my Bridal Shower live audience show.  It was so great to see old Quacker friends & make some new ones too!  A huge thank you to the following friends who contributed the items for the audience gift bags – Laura Geller, Mary Eckenrode from Cheryl’s cookies, Nick Chavez & Shari Gottesman founder of Perfect Formula, the audience loved their goodie bags—I cannot thank you enough!! 

It certainly was a crazy week with the change of date for our Today’s Special Value moving up one day, but when we heard that the live show was staying on its scheduled date & time we were THRILLED!!  I was especially thrilled because that meant I got to spend more time with the lovely ladies & gents who came to the live show!! 

I kicked off the show with just my posse in my green room—they got to be surprised with all of the lovely QVC goodies in their shower bags!!  Some got a sneak peek via Facebook, but others were in complete shock!  I loved giving them their swag bags—tears of joy, shouts & other exclamations were abound in the green room!! 


The pre-party began with some games & of course Dancing!!  Our producer planned a wedding gown contest using three teams from the audience; they dressed me, Albany & Patrick in gowns made from toilet paper!!!  The bridal posse judged the best gown—my team won!!  Although both Albany & Patrick’s teams were amazing!!  I could only imagine what they’d do with real fabric!! Then we danced & laughed & I got to introduce my awesome Bridal Posse!!

toilet paper dresses.jpg

After a short break, the actual show began!!  What I didn’t know is that our producer had special surprise guests planned to visit throughout the show to give me marital advice!!  The very first—Craig Smith & Mary Beth Roe!!  His advice—make the woman happy (smart guy), and MBR’s advice—respect in the marriage!  Both were wonderful!! 

The next guest was my friend Liam Bourke from Vionic.  Well, the ladies certainly enjoyed seeing him, oh ok me & Albany too!!  I mean, I am getting married, but he is very sweet & yes, also good looking!!  He presented me with flowers & said he was thrilled for me & Glen because I was one of the good ones—isn’t he sweet!!! 

Patrick was the best audience host, especially when he came out dressed in a tuxedo on his top half, and the duck embroidered shorts on the bottom half!!  I think he even got a few dollar bills from the audience as a tip!  He certainly got the ladies fired up to enjoy the show!! 

The final guest of the show was my wonderful husband to be- Glen.  He came out & said hello to the audience.  I told him I loved him even more for coming on TV with a microphone.  As wonderful & dynamic as he is, he (like most people) does not like public speaking!  But he did an amazing job & then quickly exited!! 

How could I possible thank Albany for such a great show??  She was just the most fun person to have as our host for the show.  She was energized & ready to dance up a storm!  Oh and rib me quite a bit during the entire process!   Love her!

After the show was over, Albany, Patrick, Glen, the posse & I went out to chat with the folks who stayed after the show!!   What a truly warm & wonderful experience for me.  After the show, so many people came up to me at QVC or wrote to me on Facebook about how fun the show was!! 

I still have to watch it on my DVR so I can relive the amazing memories!  

Jeanne’s grandson, James was there and videoed the pre-show fun and the live audience show.   Here is his AWESOME video recap so you feel like you are right there at my shower…   ENJOY!

From the bottom of my heart—thank you all!!


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  1. Sandy Carpenter November 18, 2015 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Angel! Love is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Blessings for a marriage that will last into eternity.

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