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  • Ah yes-I forgot about the bats. I remember my Dad chasing a bat with a tennis racket up in northern Minnesota.
    I also remember when Greg used to go to summer camp for the army reserves up by LaCrosse Wisconsin. I would drive up if he had a weekend off and we would stay down town. Well at that time there was a mayfly hatch and they are all over…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen,
    I hope the frog hasn’t replaced the cardinal. lol We have lots of frogs and toads around the pond. They do get pretty noisy at night but it normally doesn’t bother me but this one must have been right up against the house.
    I remember when my Mom lived in Florida and there were those little chameleons all over the place. Sometimes one…[Read more]

  • DD,
    I hope the psychologist will be able to help you in coping with your loss. It does take awhile before we stop seeing our pets around every corner.
    I actually felt comforted receiving our pet’s ashes. Of course it makes you cry a bit at first but then it is just nice knowing they are there.
    Abby was the first pet we had cremated and I had…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen,
    I think maybe Enya won a ribbon for cake decorating. Kendall has too. I’m not sure what she is doing for the fair this year. Somehow it seems that there was talk of showing an animal. I’ll have to ask Jenny.
    We do not have Huddle Houses around here. I have seen them when we have traveled though.
    Missouri got hit by a bad tornado…[Read more]

  • Sue,
    That’s funny. I’m just so relieved that the cardinal is finally gone. lol
    Yes, Greg and I have a running joke about how every night it’s always in the 40’s.
    I can’t believe that’s it’s Memorial weekend and we haven’t turned off the heat yet.

  • Hi Adele,
    I will be praying for Heather today. It’s amazing that what once would have been a few day hospital stay is now out patient surgery basically.
    Congrats to Marissa and Enzo. To stick in my two sense-how is Luna around Aizen and JJ? If she is good around the other kids she will probably be fine around the baby and may even be his or her…[Read more]

  • Hi Barbara,
    Tell Neal Happy Birthday. I hope he gets some time to settle in before he starts his new job.
    I wish Sarah could put herself in your shoes and realized how much you missed Collin and given you some extra time with him after Neal left. It sounds like she won’t change though.
    I do agree with you and often feel that the insurance…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen,
    I would imagine that Kylie and Brook are busy all the time at their ages. When they moved is their new house very far away?
    Adam’s older daughter Gabby has been living out in Washington state with his sister and the other daughter Enya lives with him part time and his parents part time. She will graduate this year and am not sure what…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    I don’t think anyone tried to break into Jenny’s house as they were all home at the time so all they would have had to do would be to open the door and walk in. lol I don’t think we’ll ever know what caused it. The door is too big for Greg to fix but we did tell them who to call to take care of it.
    Brent has gout too-and arthritis in…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen,
    It sounds like you had fun with Aliza. I like the way that she told you that the roll away bed was not her bed. Like you could just bring her bed from home over to your house. lol Little kids just don’t think about details like that. lol
    It’s funny that you said she is potty training but doesn’t like it. Some kids just don’t like to…[Read more]

  • Hi DD,
    I’m glad that you came back to post. I feel like everyone else. You should post whatever pictures that you feel comfortable posting.
    The house does seem empty after we lose a pet. Even our friends thought it felt weird after there were no dogs in our house anymore.
    That was a beautiful Americana quilt that you posted. I wonder why I am so…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    The Big Bang Theory was not cancelled. They had decided at the beginning of the year not to go forward with it as Jim Parsons wanted to move on to other things. It had a nice ending and the Young Sheldon show after it showed all of the Big Bang cast as kids in kind of a little tribute to it.
    I suppose there will be a whole slew of new…[Read more]

  • DD,
    I am so sorry to hear about Jewell. It makes my heart heavy and brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I am sending out cyber hugs to you. I will also be praying that you find comfort from your pain. For what it’s worth here is what I have learned. Even though it tears us apart to lose our pet eventually we come to realize that we…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    Well the Big Bang Theory ended last night. I will miss that program. Did you hear that they cancelled The Kids Are All Right, Cool Kids and Life in Pieces. I liked all of those shows. The Kids Are All Right really grew on us. I loved the parents on that one. Sometimes I think they don’t give these shows enough time to gather an audience…[Read more]

  • Colleen,
    That was nice of Mandy to take you out to lunch. I have never had chicken salad on raisin bread. I do like it on a croissant.
    I don’t think Jenny’s feeling were hurt when the kids didn’t want to come to brunch. It actually gives her a chance to relax a bit more with just Piper along. Piper liked the dessert table which we were seated…[Read more]

  • Barbara,
    I am so happy that you had a glorious visit. I’m sorry Jerry hurt his back though.
    Hopefully with them being seven hours away now you will get to see them more.
    I know it would make a big difference if Brent were seven hours instead of 18. Plus where he lives it’s not even worth flying to as the nearest airport is still five hours away…[Read more]

  • DD,
    It sounds like Jewell is looking for some extra attention. She is such good company. I miss having a pet in the house.
    I love the red, white and blue pictures. I have several of the Quacker patriotic shirts and I just love wearing them during the summer months.

  • Sue,
    I hope you will have a better summer this year so you can get some of those fresh veggies that you love. Yesterday on the news they were showing how much the rainfall has increased in many cities across the country. It’s scary to see all these climate changes. It makes you wonder what the future will be like for the next generations.

  • Hi Everyone,
    Adele, I hear that you are getting bad weather out east. We are finally getting some sunshine and a warm up. I’m sorry you were so beat after Mother’s Day. It doesn’t seem quite fair does it? You are supposed to be getting pampered. We just went out for brunch and that was it. Kendall and Lachlan stayed at their Dad’s and Piper was…[Read more]

  • Hi Colleen,
    We are going to brunch the same place that we went for Easter. The kids are at Adam’s this weekend but he doesn’t mind if Jenny takes them for this. Kendall doesn’t want to go but Lachlan and Piper do. Kendall will be in 6th grade next year and you can start to see the changes in attitude as she approaches her teen years. A mother…[Read more]

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