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  • Hi Everyone,
    Things have been hot up here too. 90’s and humid.
    My back is doing much better. It just hurts a little now.
    Then out of the clear blue sky Greg started having trouble. He has the spinal stenosis and sciatica but it has been quiet for a couple of years but it came back with a vengeance and he was so miserable and couldn’t sleep and…[Read more]

  • Sue,
    I am so very sorry. Thinking of you and saying prayers.

  • HI Sue,
    I’m glad you are getting that haircut. I have no idea when I will get mine done again. I’ve just been pinning it up as it gets longer and longer. Except my bangs. lol
    We have the same hot outlook for the coming week. Thank goodness for AC.
    If my back doesn’t get better I will have to see a doctor but for the time being I am trying to use…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone,
    It’s going to be a scorcher here for the next week. Typical 4th of July weather.
    Monday evening I was putting something down in my closet and all of a sudden-ping!-something broke or stretched and all of a sudden I had an enormous pain in my back. So I have been hobbling around here. I’m guessing from what happened I must have pulled…[Read more]

  • I’m starting a new thread for July. See you all there.

  • Has anyone heard from DD. I sent an email to what I thought was her email address last week but never got a response. Maybe I have the wrong email address.

  • Hi Adele,
    Your post did not show when I posted this morning so I did not read what happened until now.
    I’m glad that Amanda can come and stay with you. I’m sorry that she went through everything that she did.
    I think everything will feel unreal for awhile. It is all still very raw.
    The ER doctor sounds like a very kind man.
    Prayers for your…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    It’s good that somebody steps in when when we can’t. Good for Bobby and the girls. It sounds like the girls treated their mother with loving care doing her makeup and nails. I think that was a beautiful tribute.
    I think that it’s nice that the girls are doing something personal with the ashes-I didn’t know that they could use them for a…[Read more]

  • To Our Dearest Friend Adele,
    Love from all your Quacker friends. We are so sorry.

  • Hi Adele,
    Glad the new payroll system is working well. That will be one less thing you have to worry about.
    I must say AGT was funny with Sophia and the sword swallower. We are still watching the show with Gronk-you would have liked yesterday’s show as Big Papi was on it. It’s just silly fun for these trying times. Of course the high point of our…[Read more]

  • Sue,
    I never noticed that about the Q’s food. I will have to keep an eye out for that.
    I hope you can get a hair cut. I did not even try to get in when the shop reopened. I figured there would be many other’s clamoring to get in and I am taking a wait and see attitude. If I feel comfortable I will go late summer or fall. In the meantime no one…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    Your deck is looking good with the planters and the bunny and other decor. I like that little cart thing. That’s adorable!
    When did you plant your asparagus. It sounds like it’s still too young. I know it is hard waiting for a few years for it to really get going. I wish I could send you some of our excess.
    I hope your new payroll…[Read more]

  • Colleen,
    Enjoy your time with Melissa and her family. I’m sure their visit was just what the doctor ordered.
    We are hoping for a good garden this year. Greg had started some plants indoors but he put them in the cold frame outside too early and the frost got some in May-so he had to go out and buy some plants then. I hope your garden will…[Read more]

  • Hi DD,
    Good to hear from you. You really do have some cool weather. The last two nights have been chilly here but next week we will be 90 again by midweek.
    I heard that Oregon is one of the states with spikes again in the virus. I guess it will be pretty much like that all summer-with different states having spikes as they reopen. I think we are…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    Greg just left to golf. I’m so jealous that he gets out of the house to see people I just may have to take up golf. lol Not!
    Do you know that we have not even ordered carry out or delivery since this whole thing started so I have cooked every f-en night for almost three months-except if we had breakfast for dinner and then Greg…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    Yes, Greg feels comfortable meeting people in a park wearing a mask-no gloves though as he is not touching anybody or anything except maybe grass. (not the smoking kind) lol They don’t wear masks when they golf but they stay far away from each other. I kind of envy him as at least when he golfs he gets out and sees other people. I’m…[Read more]

  • Hi Barbara,
    I believe I went and looked at your brother’s art work one time when you mentioned where we could find it. It was quite beautiful and he is really talented. I was glad it was representational art and not just blobs on a canvas like some do. I never can understand why that type of art is considered creative as to me it looks like…[Read more]

  • Hi Adele,
    You know I don’t understand the calls to defund the police? What does that mean? How can you not have a police force of some kind? I guess I am just getting old and cannot understand modern ideas.
    Now that I think of it I think maybe Barbara had a father who was a police officer? Am I remembering right, Barbara?
    The reason I wrote…[Read more]

  • Hi Barbara,
    Your isolation really did begin way before the rest of us. You must be feeling very antsy-but I’m glad that you and Jerry are staying safe.
    We are doing the same. We have not been anywhere in almost three months. Greg is golfing but they all stay six feet away from each other and I’m glad that he can get out and do something he enjoys…[Read more]

  • Hi DD,
    I hope your shoulder will feel better soon. It seems as we age we hurt things without even knowing how we did it.
    Snowball is inching closer and closer-pretty soon she will be snuggling with you in bed.
    At one point we used to have three dogs sleeping with us. It was always a ‘three dog night.” lol I think if we ever get another dog I…[Read more]

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