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 It is so good to be back with my new ‘Patrick’s Pick Of the Month – our newest Quacker Factory DreamLook!

 What Is A ‘DreamLook’?!

 DreamLook is our exciting new concept in ensemble fashion design.  We’ve created gorgeous coordinated tops and bottoms that work together—or separately – to create a variety of looks that YOU choose! It’s a fabulous way to boost your wardrobe for the summer!  Say goodbye to trying to decide what goes with what in your wardrobe – and say HELLO to some complete Quack-Tastic head-to-toe looks!

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Cooking With Copper!

 Jeanne Bice loved to cook – and she especially loved cooking with her shiny copper bottomed pots and pans – and she really loved her special copper kettle that had been in her family for years and years!  One day while preparing a ‘girls lunch’ with our designer Susan Bramley, Jeanne said “I’d love to do a matching set of tops and bottoms using copper colored studs and embellishments – wouldn’t our gals love that?!”

 It’s taken a few years for Susan and her team to find the perfect embellishments so that Jeanne’s wish could come true.   To celebrate, we’ve created our new DreamLook as a tribute to that day Jeanne was cooking up a storm in her beautiful kitchen – and we’re calling it the ‘Copper Crush’ DreamLook!!

 Jeanne’s Jeannes!

 To start this new DreamLook, it was only fitting that the first item was Jeanne’s personal favorite – and yours too – a BRAND NEW DreamJeanne!  It’s the NEW DreamJeannes Copper Crush Pull-On Bootcut – and it’s available in both Regular & Short lengths!  Here’s a picture of our beautiful bride-to-be Angel, in the Dark Indigo – and our model-with-the-mostess Kerin, in the Black.  I LOVE the placement of the embellishment down the leg – so slimming – and it also gives an elevated look to denim! 

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This new and limited-edition DreamJeanne comes in 3 colors – Dark Indigo, Black & Espresso.  I think the copper colored studs and stones really pop out against the DreamJeanne material!

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Swirling In The Breeze!

 Ladies, if Angel’s & Kerin’s tops in the picture above had you swirling with delight, you’re in luck – they are the second item in this months new DreamLook!  It’s our new Copper Crush Metallic Swirl ¾ Sleeve T-Shirt – and it’s definitely an ORIGINAL because it’s the first time our design team have brought you a top with studs and stones down one arm to the elbow – with a matching embellishment across the front!  This one is sure to get you noticed!  (Who knows, you might even be quacked at when you make an appearance in this one!)  It comes in Black, Espresso & Ivory.  Here’s our gorgeous Quack-Ette, Kerin, in the black option – she, and the top, are absolutely stunning!  Jeanne Bice always said – “Decorate your shoulder and they won’t look at your hips!”  I think Jeanne would definitely approve of this top!

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Twice As Nice!

 Jeanne also used to say that we should all “Sparkle and Share” – so I know she would love the Copper Crush Set Of 2 Embellished T-Shirts that make up our next item in this months DreamLook.  Jeanne loved bringing you sets of 2 – she knew they were great value – and she also knew that you could share them with your best girlfriend – if you wanted to.  (But we won’t blame you if you keep both t-shirts for yourself!)  This set comes with 4 different color options, so you’re really spoiled for choice!  Black/White, Espresso/Plum, Lipstick Red/Ivory & Dark Olive/Light Navy.  Here’s Angel looking perfectly pretty in Plum!


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Bring Out The Animal In You!

 Our final item in this month’s DreamLook is my personal favorite piece of the collection – the Copper Crush Embroidered Animal Print Novelty Top.  We all know that Jeanne LOVED designing items with animal prints for you – so it was only fitting that in this DreamLook tribute to Jeanne, that we brought you a top that will help bring out the animal in each of you!  I know that Jeanne is roaring with delight from heaven above for this top!  It comes in 3 great colors – Black, Lipstick Red & Espresso.  Here are Angel & Kerin looking particularly gorgeous in the Black & Lipstick Red colors:


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 I love the slenderizing V-Neck – and the embroidery work would definitely get top grades from Jeanne.  And of course, we know that all of you deserve to sparkle and shine, so we have some beautiful multi-faceted rhinestones mixed in with our new copper crush studs.  Just look at the detail in this top – it’s one of the reasons that Quacker Factory has been on QVC for 20 years now! 


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I hope you love our latest DreamLook collection – as much as we loved creating this for you!!  What’s your favorite item in the collection???  What color of the DreamJeannes have you added to your wardrobe???

 Make sure to join Angel today, Friday August 7th at 5pm ET – she’ll be helping you sparkle and shine, for a full hour, with Antonella.  And then tune in tomorrow, Saturday August 8th from 4am to 5am ET, when Angel is joined by Gabrielle, for some early morning fun and fashion.  And lunch will be taste even better when Angel & Jennifer show you what goodies they have in store for you from 1-2pm ET.

 Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!



 Click on each link below to see more detail about each of Patrick’s picks:

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 Copper Crush Set of 2 Embellished T-Shirts – A267223

 Copper Crush Embroidered Animal Print Novelty Top –  A267224 

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