When thinking about this year and girlfriends and my wedding.  I thought it might be fun to tell you about my Bridal Posse & why these wonderful ladies are so special to me.



I’d like to begin with my two junior posse members-


Mina- beautiful Mina.  She has grown in to such a beautiful teenager; I sometimes forget that I am talking to a 15 year old & not an adult woman.  Mina is always eager to help me with whatever project I am working on.  She is a wonderfully smart & talented young lady who plays piano; by the way she will be playing a few tunes for my wedding reception!  She is best friends with her mother & whenever I see her, she if full of hugs.  What more could I ask for in a posse member??


Next is my gorgeous God-Daughter Olivia. 


Olivia has become such a funny, smart, talented beautiful teenager.  Her talent for dance continues to amaze me every time I see her perform.  Although I have known her for her entire life, she is still sometimes shy around me and others she does not know.  And then she will come out with an amazing question or a funny statement.  She so reminds me of her mother, whom I will talk about shortly. 


As for the adults in the posse—well where do I even begin???  Why not start with Susan, whom I’ve known the longest (besides my cousin & sister of course). 



Our first trip to Montreal


Susan and I (I call her Suzi) have known each other since 1982—we met as freshmen in high school in Mrs. Duffy’s French 1 class.  We have been BFF’s ever since.  We have seen our share of exciting times—trips to Montreal, Wildwood, NJ.  We have made life’s little hiccups into funny stories—remember getting my car stuck in the snow or searching for that cute Coca Cola man??  We would hold up funny signs to people in the cars next to us while driving in Philadelphia.  We wanted to find some fun when we were not yet old enough to get into a dance clubs.  We always found something to do.  As I am thinking about those old times, it just seems that there were so many things to even begin to think of now.  We have also shared in life’s downs—the loss of our mother’s, her father.  And even when I thought life could not throw her any more to handle, she gracefully ended her marriage of 17 years.  She always asks for my advice, but then ultimately she is her own woman & makes her own decisions.  She is so strong, that she amazes me more and more every year.  And by the way—she is Mother to Olivia!



Our first time skiing


Laureen—Laureen was my assistant manager when I worked at Lane Bryant while attending college.  We are about the same age & we became close friends over time.  Laureen is super smart, she is very conservative & she is very spiritual.  She is also a wonderful mother!!  Of the many traits I love about her, she is fiercely loyal, she gives her all to everything she does & she takes care of everyone around her.  No matter whom they are!  When I think about our friendship, I think about how different we are, but I also think about how much alike we are!!   I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids when she & her husband Michael got married many years ago!



Lisa’s first trip to Montreal


Lisa- Lisa and I met while freshmen at Neumann University.  We had the same major & attended many of the same classes.  When I think about my first impression of her- I see her in my mind with big hair (it was the 80’s), red glasses, long legs & red cowboy boots!  But that image soon faded as our friendship grew & blossomed.  Lisa is very creative, an avid reader & a wonderful writer.  She’s a dreamer with a fantastic head on her shoulders.  She has had many health challenges & still forges on like nothing has happened.  She takes on more than she can, but still manages to handle everything with style & class.  She is also a wonderful Mom, wife, sister, daughter & friend!  We have had many travels together & I am looking forward to the time when she & her hubby & me & Glen can travel & eat & laugh together!



On the set at QVC


Andrea- many of you may recognize Andrea from modelling for QVC.  This is how we met!  We’d see each other periodically, I’d invite her out, but she was always busy!  Little did I know at the time, Andrea was a moving & grooving Sales Director with Mary Kay.  She asked me to come to a class & then I got hooked on Mary Kay too.  As we grew up together in the business, and still modelled at QVC, our friendship grew too.  Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is incredibly loyal, has my back whenever I need it, and when I was in a bad relationship, she told me she would refuse to come to my wedding if I married that man.  Now that is a true friend! When I started dating Glen, I asked if she’d come to our wedding & she said of course-yes!  The funny thing is, I can sometimes be bossy & stubborn, and she loves me any way.  Knowing that Glen is also bossy & stubborn gives her great joy to see him give me a hard time.  I am usually the one who likes to be in charge—this doesn’t always happen now!  Ha!   Andrea has had a few ups & downs in her life, and I have supported her through everything—that is what great girlfriends do!  She has raised her beautiful daughter Mina, mostly on her own, and she has done an amazing job!


keri vicki and i.jpg

Keri, Vickie & me in Paris in 2000


Keri-   Keri and I also met while modelling together at QVC.  Actually Renai, a former model & host once said to me—you & Keri need to be best friends.  The next time Keri & I worked together, I told her this, so she said where do you want to go?  Our friendship started with a night out in Philadelphia, then a weekend at the shore, then a trip to Montreal!  And if I remember correctly, all of this happened during one summer!  As our friendship grew, so did our bond.  We could travel to London or Paris, or simply sit at home & watch a movie & laugh our butts off.  It didn’t matter as long as we got to hang out!  I was honored to be her maid of honor at her wedding, and I am thrilled to have her be a part of my posse!!  Things are very different now, she lives over an hour away, not a good opportunity for a drive by visit, and she is a very busy wife & mother, so we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like.  But even though things have changed, they always seem to stay the same.

Now for the family members of the posse!!



At my 40th Birthday celebration!


My cousin Christy & I grew up together, not like cousins, more like sisters.  Her mother- Joan Marie & my mother- Estle were very close.  So my sisters & Christy are also very close.  We have ventured through life together!  Always asking for each other’s opinions; always supporting each other no matter what.  We even travelled to California with my sister Vickie to clean out our Uncle Frank’s apartment after he passed.  Since neither of them had been to California, I tried to make it an exciting trip for them!!  We toured Hollywood, put our toes in the Pacific, we laughed & we cried on that trip!!  So many good times, so many painful times spent together as family!  I’ve watched her grow in to a smart, hard-working, dedicated mother, daughter, wife & friend.  The most painful times, losing both our mother’s, was spent in each other’s arms, consoling each other, thankful that we still had each other.  And while neither of our mother’s will be in attendance at my wedding come November, we both know that they will be there in spirit!



Vickie’s bridal shower in 2004. 


Finally let me tell you about my little sister Vickie.  How can I even begin to tell you how much she means to me.  Our two older sisters were just about gone when we started growing up together.  Even though I am nine years her senior, we are extremely close.  Our mother was sick most of Vickie’s life, so I kind of stepped in to nurture her, help her with things & support her with whatever she needed. 

I am so very proud of the woman, Mother, wife & friend she has become.  She is so smart & knowledgeable.  She attended college for pharmacy & everyone asks her opinion of medications & over the counter drugs they need to take.  Even my friends call her for advice!!! 

Watching her grow up has been a treasure.  She amazes me all the time!  She is such a dedicated mother of her two gorgeous boys, and I know that our mother would beam with pride at what a wonderful mother she has become. 

I had the honor to be her maid of honor at her wedding, and I have asked her to take charge of my motley posse for my wedding! 

Well that is a little taste of who these girls are & what they mean to me.   I encourage YOU to grab your best girlfriend-whether on the phone or in person & tell them exactly what they mean to you!  After all it is National Girlfriends Day!

Until next time—

Quack, Quack

Angel  xo


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