As a child, I remember my mother being very creative!  She could draw, we would paint ceramics, she crocheted and we would even make candles!  I guess this is where I caught my creative bug!  Working for the Quacker Factory has really helped me continue to enjoy being creative & to look beyond myself for inspiration!

Since it is winter, my skin has simply gotten very dry!!  So I thought that I would create some products that you can too—right at home, to help soothe this dry skin!!  What I came up with (inspired by Pinterest), is a Lemon scented body salt scrub—to remove the dry, flaky skin.  I also made a rich lemon body butter to soften the skin—all made from natural ingredients!  I purchased all of these ingredients from a local health food store.  However, I have seen that coconut oil is available in most supermarkets now.

Why not make several batches and give these as gifts to your best friends or co-workers!  Here is what you will need-

Salt Scrub:

1 cup of Kosher or Sea Salt

¼ cup olive or avocado oil

10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix all of these ingredients into a bowl & then transfer to a jar for safe keeping! I use this in the shower—but be cautious if you plan use this right after shaving your legs—it can be painful if you nicked yourself!! 

Body butter:

1 cup of coconut oil

1 tbsp honey

2 tsp of cocoa butter

10-15 drops pf Lemon Essential Oil

Place all of the ingredients into a mixer (I used my Kitchen Aid) with the wire whip.  Whip the ingredients together until light & fluffy.  The mixture may seem oily once you rub it in to your skin.  But let it soak in overnight & feel the results in the morning!  


Place both of these into individual mason jars for gift giving or in an air tight bowl for you!  If giving as a gift, I recommend creating a cute tag to tie to the jar with some twine!!  I cut an old dish towel with lemons on it to use as the top for a little extra pizazz!!  You could create a label for the top of the lid &   replace the tag & the fabric—you can purchase these labels at your nearest office supply store.

So whether you create your own body products or you simply want to order them online—take time this January to pamper yourself—you deserve it!  I know I do!!  You can also check out my collection of pampering products from QVC here- Pamper Time


Until next time –

Quack, Quack–  Angel  XO


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