Over the last five years, you all have heard me talk about Glen.  Many of you have also commented on FB when he was going to “pop” the question.  Well, he did last Saturday.  This proposal came at the perfect time for us in our relationship, and I could not be more thrilled!

I was completely surprised, I really had no idea.  So our morning started out with Glen saying come on, let’s take Lucy for a hike at the college.  We have been taking her to hikes at Swarthmore College since we have been together.  So to me—this was just another day.

I did not shower, I thought I’d shower when we got home.  Plus I had plans with my sister Vickie to go shopping in the afternoon.  Oh and my nails were a disaster, because I had just peeled off my gel manicure!!!  I had NO IDEA what was about to happen!!! 

We started on the hike, and were having a good time, and we finally reached this outdoor amphitheater area.  There were two ladies there with their dogs and we all started chatting & Lucy began to play with the dogs.  She really prefers people to other dogs, it is really funny!

Then I saw Glen on the other side of the amphitheater & he was on the phone.  Now this is nothing strange, he is a busy man!!  Finally the ladies started to make their way out of the theater & Glen said let’s sit down for a minute, I’m tired.  I said OK, after about a minute I said, why don’t we just go & walk back to the car.  He said—“no let’s stay here”.  He got up and came over to me, asked me to stand up for a hug.  He then said ”you know today is a very special day for us”.  I was so confused!!!   I asked ”why”, while in my, mind I was trying to think if I had missed a special event on our lives!!! 

Then he released me from the hug and said ”look at this cool tree trunk, check out all the beehives”.  So I looked in the tree trunk, it felt like it was forever, then I finally saw the black velvet box.  I turned to him and said—“what is that!!!????”  As I said that to him, he got down on one knee and asked the question—“Will you marry me”.  I started crying immediately & shook my head yes.  He then grabbed the box and showed me the ring, and then placed it on my finger.  I could not stop crying.   I was just so, so happy.  I am 46, and I have never been engaged before.  This was such a special moment in my life, as well as Glens.


{The hollowed out tree trunk & Lucy’s new friend –Luna}

After a few moments we began to walk back to the car.  I continued to burst into tears of joy.  Somewhat laughable at this point!!  At this point I was freezing, my toes were frozen as well as my fingers.  So I suggested we go to the coffee shop to get something.  After I got my hot chocolate, I wandered outside to call my sister Vickie.  (Little did I know she was in on the entire thing).

As we started to drive home, I began to call my closest girlfriends & family members.  NO ONE ANSWERED THEIR PHONES!!!  I was getting very upset with these girls!!!  I was able to reach my other sisters Kim & Diane, and my friend Susan.  Then Keri & Andrea called me back.  And I shared our wonderful news with each of them!!  Then I chatted with my cousin Christy who told me –she knew I was getting engaged that day.  I thought—“what?!?!?!”.

On our way home, as we pulled into our development, Glen said, I have another surprise for you.  I could not believe it.  As we pulled onto our street, I noticed Susan & Andrea’s cars in our driveway.  He told me—all of your girlfriends are here to celebrate with us.

We walked into the house and everyone was gathered in the kitchen to welcome us home & to celebrate our big day!!  

{Glen, Andrea, Ben, Keri’ Sydney, Lisa, Alex, Chris, Vickie, Mina & Susan.  My peeps!!!!!  LOL}

Glen & Vickie organized everyone; they all brought food & champagne & even a cake!!!!  A very delicious red velvet cake no less!!!

I was so overwhelmed with joy!! I could not believe it.  And they really surprised me!!  I truly had no idea!!  Remember, I hadn’t even showered or anything that morning!!!  LOL

Everyone stayed for hours, Vickie & her family stayed till after 7 pm that night, which I loved to have more time with my nephews.  Everyone was just so thrilled to be a part of our day!  I don’t think Glen could have planned a better day for us.

Ladies, in my day I have kissed a lot of frogs, but I have finally found my prince, and boy am I a lucky girl!

Stay tuned for more wedding planning info!  It is going to be a great year!!


Love & hugs–

Angel & Glen


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  1. Lydia Bastianelli November 15, 2015 at 5:16 pm - Reply

    Congratulations bless both of you

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