Happy, Happy New Year everyone!

My mother made me really laugh the other day when she said to me that she thought there were probably more flavors of DreamJeannes then there are of ice-cream flavors!! Guess what? When you see what our amazing Design Team has in store for you in 2014 with DreamJeannes, my mother just might be right! Angel and I were invited to spend the day at our DreamJeannes design studio in New York City and what a day it was! We had a full house with Susan, Kristy and our wonderful artist Diane, as well as our magnificent QVC Buying Team of Siobain and Kerri. Here’s a picture of our Assistant Buyer Kerri with the head of our Design Team, Susan, and the amazing Kristy in the studio!

The objective of the day was to look at all of the new designs that our team had put together and then to select all of the items that we would be showing you for the first half of 2014. Let me tell you, I think you’re going to be VERY happy with what we have in store for you!!

The most amazing thing to me throughout the day was the HUGE number of color options!!!! I honestly had no idea there were so many colors under the sun!!! Here I am with a box of purple colors. Look how many shades of purple alone there are!!!

And here’s a picture of Angel with some of the coral shaded options!!

So how in the world does our Design Team narrow down so many Quack-Tabulous colors and choose the ones that will show up at QVC and in your closets??? Well, the first thing they do is something that Jeanne used to do every season, and that’s reading through all of the fashion magazines, cutting out pictures, reading fashion bloggers predictions, and keeping an eye on what’s on the runways throughout the world and then putting together a Color Trends Board. Here’s the one we have in our DreamJeannes studio:

As you can see, later this year it’s all about beautiful botanical colors – think corals, yellows, blues & lapis and creamy shades of island-inspired colors! (Who’s ready to join me at the beach?!?!) Once our team has a good sense of what they believe the color trends are going to be, they decide on the specific colors and will lay them all out something like this:

And then they do another color board just for the DreamJeannes. Here’s an example of what those look like:

Susan will then start looking at specific designs that we’re going to be bringing you, and then she will work with our Buyer, Siobain, to decide on what colors each item should come in. As you can imagine, that takes a little bit of time, but I think it’s the most fun part of the day because it really gives Angel and I a chance to see what we’ll soon be showing you on television! What a GREAT day it was! I really do think that you’e going to love the new items the team has designed for you! I also think that you’re going to love all of the new colors we’ll be introducing throughout year. So ladies, I want to know the following: What is your favorite style of DreamJeannes?! My mother’s personal favorite is the Crop length. Here she is wearing them with one of her favorite Grommet tops:

Mom has the crops in 5 colors. I think her favorite color is her newest pair, the gorgeous and very flattering turquoise ones. – but as you can see from the picture above, she really does love her white ones! Speaking of colors, did you know that the original 5 Pocket Boot Cut DreamJeannes now comes in 19 colors?! How amazing is that?! Here are just a few of those colors:

How many colors do you have in your Quacker collection?? And what colors would you like for our design team to add this year??? Whatever your favorite is, I just know that you’re going to love all of the new DreamJeanne designs we have coming up for you. Our team is working hard to make sure this is YOUR year to shine!!! Happy, Happy New Year again – I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a Quack-Tabulous one!!!

Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!



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