Well,  today is MY WEDDING DAY… I have waited a very long to time to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.  I have celebrated my sisters, my friends and Glen’s friends, and now it is time for us to celebrate our relationship! The big day has arrived!!!

That got me thinking, since we will be sharing photos from our wedding on my Facebook page later tonight. I thought I’d get our Quacker Factory family to share photos from their wedding day. Enjoy! (To follow my Facebook page, CLICK HERE.)


The beautiful Colleen from our design team & her husband John on their big day.


Tiago from our Quacker team, he worked directly with Jeanne & now is in charge of our website & other things!! Tiago & his gorgeous bride Mariana!  Aren’t they adorable!

tim bice.jpg

Here is Tim Bice along with his beautiful new bride- Karin.  Do you know the day after their wedding they flew to Pennsylvania for a QVC airing!?!? That is dedication!


Here is Kristy from our team; you may have seen her behind the scenes or on camera when I pull her out to model our DreamJeannes!!  This was taken 17 years ago, and she & Greg are still as adorable together today!


Here is Diane one of our incredible artists & her new husband Harry.  They have been married for 18 years and have three beautiful children!!


John, who used to work for Jeanne around her home in Wisconsin, is now a huge part of the Quacker Factory.  Now doesn’t he & his beautiful bride Mary look fantastic? They have been married for 27 years and have two handsome boys!!! 


After their wedding, as a special treat, they went to Walt Disney World for their honeymoon & went to visit Jeanne & Tim in Boca!!


Susan the head of our design team & her new husband John.  They have been married for over 27 years.  They have three beautiful children-two boys and a girl.  And are as happy today as they were back then!


And here is our gorgeous Page, she also worked directly with Jeanne & I am so happy to announce that she will be the Quacker Factory’s next bride!!  She just got engaged on October 11, 2015! Please let’s wish her & her fiancé’ Frank well!! 

And finally—


Here is a photo of the Head Quackherself on her wedding day with her husband Butchie.  What a wonderful photograph.

Thank you all for your love & kindness this year while planning our wedding!  My heart is so full of love & excitement! As many of you have asked, we will be sharing photos from our wedding later today on my Facebook page— Patrick will be hosting a LIVE Facebook party on my Facebook page and I will be revealing my dress at 7pm et.

So, if you haven’t “liked” the page already you can do so by- CLICKING HERE

And if you’d like to see My Exclusive Wedding video, before we release it to everyone,
you can sign up-HERE

Until next time—Quack, Quack


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