Hello Ladies!!  Patrick Hoy here with Quacker Factory’s new ‘DreamLook’ Of the Month!

Do You Know What A ‘DreamLook’ Is?!

In case you don’t know, DreamLook is Quacker Factory’s exciting new concept in ensemble fashion design.  We’ve created gorgeous coordinated tops and bottoms that work together—or separately – to create a variety of looks that YOU choose! It’s a fabulous way to boost your wardrobe!  Say goodbye to trying to decide what goes with what in your wardrobe – and say HELLO to some complete Quack-Tastic head-to-toe looks! Getting Ready For the Weekend!

You loved our ‘Weekender Sets’ in the past and have been writing to Angel and me to PLEASE bring them back.  Well, we’ve listened and your wish is our command.  We also listened when you told us that you wanted coordinating items, but could be given the choice to order the tops in one size, and the bottoms in another – after all, as Jeanne used to say:  “Ducks come in different sizes – and not everyone is the same size on top as they are underneath!”

Guess what, we loved the Weekender Sets as well – so in honor of our beloved Head Quack Jeanne Bice, our design team knew they had to update this favorite just for you – AND in time for the summer!  And just wait until you see what they have come up with!

Good As Gold! 

It’s May – at long last – and Spring is here and the sun is shining!  So that must also mean that we get to have color again – Yippee!!!!  I personally love this time of year because all of the color we get to see and wear makes us HAPPY!!  And I don’t know if you’re like Angel and me, but one color makes us VERY happy – and that’s GOLD!!!  In fact, every athlete, ever recording artist and every performer LOVES gold as well!  I love watching the Olympics and seeing my favorite athletes winning GOLD medals.  And you know a song is a hit when your favorite singer produces a GOLD record!  And it wouldn’t be the Oscars without that cute GOLD statuette!  So in honor of Jeanne – and all things GOLD – our incredible design team have created a DreamLook that should definitely win not only a gold medal, but also a gold record AND a gold statue!  So that’s why we’re calling it the ‘Good As Gold’ DreamLook

In-‘VEST In Gold! 

This months DreamLook has 4 different item groups in it.  If I had to pick a favorite of the 4 groups, then it’s definitely the Good As Gold Zip Front Vest & T-Shirt combo!  That’s right – not only do you get a vest that is perfect for spring and summer, but you ALSO get a coordinating T-Shirt!  How Quack-Tabulous is that?!?  We’ve got FOUR different combinations for you as well!

1)      Red Vest comes with a red, white & GOLD striped shirt with a Golden Anchor on it

2)      Turquoise Vest comes with a turquoise, white & GOLD striped shirt with a Golden Starfish on it

3)      Black Vest comes with a black, white & GOLD striped shirt with a Golden Lobster on it

4)      Yellow Vest comes with a yellow, white & GOLD striped shirt with a Golden Pineapple on it

And wait until you see the gold zipper on this – you’ll be worth more than gold when you wear this set!

Here’s a picture of our gal with the golden hair Angel – and Kerin (who always has the golden touch!) showing you the yellow and black vests sets:


And here’s a picture of Angel wearing the red vest with the golden anchor – doesn’t she look stunning?!  A-Hoy there matey!

And your silverware will definitely be gold when you slip into the turquoise vest with golden starfish!  Here are Angel and Kerin about to have lunch served on a golden platter!

Gold From Head To Toe! 

We couldn’t give you a DreamLook without any pants to go with it – and just wait until you see what our design dream team came up with!   It’s the Good As Gold Embroidered Woven Capris.  And we all know that capris are slimming, feminine and FUN!  Plus, with a 19” inseam, you won’t have to do any altering when you get them home – regardless of what height you are – how incredible is that?!  And with the embroidered design done in the golden of goldenness threads, even the Emperor would have been noticed in these!

Your three options are:

1)      Navy pants with Golden Starfish

2)      Black pants with Golden Lobsters

3)      White pants with Golden Anchors

Here’s a picture of Angel and Kerin having fun on the docks – it looks like Kerin is ready to drop her anchor in the harbor with her white pants with the golden anchors!

The Midas Touch!

Everything you touch will turn to GOLD when you slip into our Good As Gold Zip Front Jacket!  Whether you’re on a cruise, at the beach, or entertaining friends in your garden around the BBQ, we know it gets a little chilly when the sun starts to set – even in the summertime – so we’ve included the cutest of jackets in this DreamLook.  And since it has ¾ length sleeves, it will be the perfect jacket to get you through the whole summer!  Not only will you be able to show off your golden tan, but your favorite gold jewelry from QVC will be in the spotlight as well!  And with 3 different color and embellishment options, you really are spoiled for choice!

1)      Black jacket has a Golden Tropical theme

2)      Red jacket has a Golden Nautical theme

3)      Turquoise jacket has a Golden Shell theme

Here’s a picture of Kerin in the black tropical themed jacket.  Don’t you just LOVE the pineapple, hibiscus, lobster and flip flops all done up in golden studs?!  It goes perfectly with the black pants with the golden lobsters!


But Wait – Thats Not All! 

Jeanne always said that if you’re going away for the weekend, you definitely need choices – and that means more than just one top.  So we have followed her wise advice and the final item in this new Good As Gold DreamLook is not one, but TWO, t-shirts!  It’s the Good As Gold Set Of 2 T-Shirts – and you’ll feel as though you have discovered a pot of gold when you add this to your Quacker collection!  Your color options are:

1)      Black & White

2)      Red & Dark Navy

3)      Lime & Pink

4)      Turquoise & Yellow

Here is Kerin wearing the Navy top.  I just love how she has teamed this up with the red jacket and the navy starfish pants!  And since the studs around the flattering v-neckline are done in golden tones, you really are going to look dreamy in this new DreamLook!

To see more ways you can style this months sophisticated, yet FUN DreamLook, watch this video of Angel & Kerin at Penn’s Landing on the Delaware River waterfront.  I think you’ll ‘Go For The Gold’ when you see how beautiful and happy they look!

What’s your favorite item in this DreamLook?! 

I hope you love our Good As Gold DreamLook as much as we loved creating it for you!!

Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!



Click on each link below to see more detail about each of the Good As Gold DreamLook:

Good As Gold Zip Front Vest & T-Shirt

Good As Gold Set Of 2 T-Shirts

Good As Gold Embroidered Woven Capri – Available Soon!

Good As Gold Zip Front Jacket – Available Soon!

Want to complete your Good as Gold DreamLook?  Sign up to be notified when our Good as Gold Jacket and Capri Pants will be available HERE

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  1. cynthiashay June 18, 2015 at 12:37 am - Reply

    Really nice ensembles, but here in Las Vegas where it is 117 degrees this week, It’s NO CLOTHES in the pool behind 15 foot walls for me LOL I HATE summer here. Way too hot. I wear my stuff around OCTOBER!!!!

  2. cynthiashay June 18, 2015 at 12:38 am - Reply

    PS: Please bring on more Model SHORT sleeved tops

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