I have been wanting to get up to New York City for a while now & my best friend Susan had some time off from work, so we booked it!

We had lots to do, so we got started right away.  After we arrived at the hotel, we grabbed a bite to eat then hopped on the subway downtown.  Our first stop—the 9/11

Memorial Museum.

This is one of the tower fountains.

As we entered the museum, the first thing I noticed was how quiet the crowd was,

which caused me to remember how quiet people were in the weeks following 9/11.  As we began our tour, I was overwhelmed & amazed by the items on display; a  large girder that was mangled from the disaster, the quilt that was crated with individual squares to remember each individual who perished on that fateful day, a stairwell like the ones where people escaped the towers.  It was very moving to be in that spot.

This beautiful quilt moved me to tears.


The museum was done beautifully & respectfully to the families of all who were lost.  If you are visiting New York—it is a definite place to visit.

After the museum visit we decided to head to a place that was a little happier!  We headed over to Eataly.  If you have never been here, you should go.  There are several locations in NYC.  It has Italian food, restaurants, groceries, wine, oh & gelato heaven.  We had some prosecco, a bite to eat & then finished the evening off with some gelato-the best this side of the Atlantic—in my humble opinion!

After enjoying Eataly, we headed back to our hotel to rest to be fresh for the next fun filled day.

When we woke up on Tuesday we treated ourselves to a blow out at Dry Bar!  I wish we had these near us, it was such a treat to have my hair washed, blown out & styled!  Susan and I wanted to make sure that we looked our best before heading over to see my friend Clinton Kelly at “The Chew”!!!

The Chew has been on for five years now, and I was so excited to finally get to see a show in person!  Clinton was able to seat us at the tasting table, so when the show runs—June 22, you will see me & Susan tasting the yummy goodies the chefs prepared!  Everyone at the studio was so nice!  I even met another Quacker who attended the show—wearing her Quacker top proudly!  She Quacked at me!  I loved it!

As you would expect, Clinton was a wonderful host & we got to meet Mario Batali, Michael Symon,  Carla Hall & the man with the golden voice- Gordon Elliott!

After the excitement of the television show, we headed back on the subway to head back downtown to possibly catch a Broadway show.  We were going to head to TKTS, but the line was too long.  I hate waiting in long lines-haha!!  So we went to the theater where “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” was playing and we were able to buy tickets for the show that evening.

But we had to have some fun along the way… of course, when you are with me!!

Outside the theater where “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” is playing.

We had some time between purchasing the tickets & the show, so we headed over to one of my favorite places- Becco (which means duck in Italian).  We enjoyed a lovely meal, a trio of pasta, fresh made that day, served from huge copper pans by the wait staff.  The presentation is so fun!!

When we entered the theater, we were greeted with amazing light fixtures from the ceiling & noticed that the stage was set up in the round—where the audience surrounds the stage.   We really did not know what to expect, but were delighted with the performances of Josh Groban & Denee’ Benton.  The talent in that room was so amazing.  We were also excited to see a celebrity guest in the audience – Will Chase, from the television show “Nashville”.  It was exciting for us as he was sitting a stones’ throw away.

After the show we made our way back uptown—getting a cab was impossible that evening!!  But we made it!

When we woke up Wednesday morning, we could not contain our excitement!  We were headed out to see the very popular show “Hamilton”.

When I first heard of this show, I thought, why do I want to go see that!  Hip hop history!?!?  Well let me tell you, I was crying by the end of Act One!!  The show was outstanding!  The crowd was on their feet by the end of Act Two!  This show was certainly worth the wait!  I actually was happy for the history lesson, it has been so long since I took a history class, and there was so much that I did not know or remember from that period.

Once the show was over, we flew to the car, because I had to head to QVC that evening!!  Next time, I take the train!  LOL

A few days away did us a lot of good.  It was a great way for two friends to reconnect &

have a great time!!

The next trip, with my hubby… Ireland 2017!!!!

Until next time-

Quack, Quack—Angel  xo

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