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    Vampire Donuts


      • box of fresh donuts
      • plastic vampire teeth
      • candy eyes
      • red & black gel icing


      1. Insert a set of vampire teeth in each donut. Do so gently to avoid cracking the donuts.

      2. The black icing is used to adhere the eyes and a small triangle at top will represent a vampire’s widow’s peak hairline.

      3. Finally, make the dripping blood around their vampire mouths with a line of red icing gel. Start at the bottom, making an initial squeeze to make the bulbous end of the blood drip, then end with a quick pull upward to create the origin point at the mouth.

      4. Serving: Place the vampire donuts right back in the donut box and leave it out for unsuspecting guests be surprised by what lurks inside! It is a Halloween treat they won’t soon forget.

      (This recipe was acquired from


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