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      Happy Halloween,

      I know we are always looking for new ideas to celebrate all the holidays. So for Halloween, I saw this idea on Pinterest that I thought I would share with you. It’s cute; it’s quick and it’s fun! I know we don’t all have kids to make these little pumpkins for, but how about using these for a fun Girl’s Night, or a dinner party, or maybe even make these to hand out to people you encounter during the course of your day—share a smile if you will!! Of course, if you hand these out to strangers, I’d recommend that you not use candy corn—use candy that is already packaged.

      Tissue Paper Pumpkins by Angel

      You’ll need…

      • Orange tissue paper
      • Scissors
      • Green craft tape, or duct tape or floral tape
      • Assorted Halloween Candy—fun size is best
      • Dinner plate

      First—flatten the orange tissue paper & place the dinner plate on the paper & using a pencil, trace the outer rim of the plate. Then cut out to create a circle.

      Then place some candy in the center of the circle.

      Gather the tissue paper around the candy—making a ball with a “stem”

      Then take the green tape—I purchased green duct/craft tape at the supermarket. Check your local craft store.

      Now— my crafting skills are not the absolute best—but you get the idea. Wouldn’t these look adorable as the centerpiece of a dinner plate at your next dinner party?!?!? Wouldn’t you bring a huge smile to someone’s face if you handed this to them in line at the grocery store, or when you are traveling??

      Well I hope you enjoy this craft idea—don’t forget to check out all of our Fall-fun crafts & recipes right here on QuackerFactory.com



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    • Angeleyes
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      You did a great job, congratulations.

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