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      My Mother has been doing embroidery my entire life; there are countless pieces she has completed on display in many of our families’ homes as well as all around our home. Mom has always said that embroidering is her “therapy”- her way to relax & unwind.

      Many years ago, my cousin asked Mom if she could help out a friend (Lisa) of hers with a project idea she was working on. Lisa hosts Thanksgiving every year, she started having her family & friends sign the tablecloth as a way of ‘recording’ the memories. Lisa wanted Mom to embroider the signatures and notes to not only decorate the tablecloth but also to ensure the notes, artwork, and signatures would remain forever. Mom has been sewing their tablecloth for over 20 years now; we’ve been able to see their kids ‘grow up’ from making their little hand print turkeys to going into the military and living all over the world.

      Mom loved the idea & really looked forward to getting the tablecloth every year after Thanksgiving to add that year’s memories. Then in 2008 we saw Jeanne Bice in a video on Quacker Factory.com explaining about her Grateful Tablecloth. Jeanne used colored sharpie markers for her tablecloth. Mom asked Jeanne if she would like Mom to embroider her tablecloth & Jeanne’s response was “No thanks, I’ll keep it the way it is stains & all”.

      We decided to start our own tablecloth for our Christmas Eve dinner and another one for Easter. Our family just loves writing new memories and looking back at the newly embroidered additions from the previous year. The tablecloth is a wonderful way to share your gratitude and thanks for everything you have been blessed with that year. We’ve even had Angel, Patrick & Susan over when the tablecloth has been out. Mom embroidering those signatures preserves them for generations to come. This is especially nice when a loved one is no longer with us, you can look and remember them at your holiday dinner.

      Our ‘Living Tablecloth’ is a continually evolving canvas & a gift that we will pass on to our future generations.

      Arlene and Alicia

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    • Christine Beutner
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      What a BEAUTIFUL idea. This is wonderful, and truly touches my heart. … and gives me lots of ideas
      Thank you for sharing!

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