Lace-Up Your Look!

Our newest DreamJeannes are the A302774 – DreamJeannes Lace Up Sparkle Grommet Crop Pants.  Is it possible to love Quacker Factory’s DreamJeannes even more than you do?!  YES!!  Our NEW lace up DreamJeannes will have you ‘tied up’ with delight when you put them on!  And because it’s our famous DreamJeannes material, you KNOW they are going to be super comfortable and give you lots of stretch – but also give you a design that is on-trend & perfect for your lifestyle!


So, what exactly makes these NEW DreamJeannes different than other DreamJeannes?!

I’m glad you asked that question! Lace up is a BIG trend in fashion right now – so our incredible design team wanted to make this exciting trend accessible to all of you by applying it to your favorite DreamJeannes crop length pants.  They’ve really mixed it up with these DreamJeannes – and have given you something NEW for your wardrobe.  This the FIRST time we’ve done this type of lace up feature. And it wouldn’t be “Quacker Factory” if we didn’t put a little sparkle and shine into the design!  How did we do that?!  We put new petite baby sparkle grommets at the leg opening to enhance the crisscross design of the lace – how Quack-Tabulous is that!



It’s All In The Detail!

 With 6 grommets on each leg – that means there are TWELVE grommets in total – I’m telling you, this is one really cool BIG Deal!  We know how much you love your front pockets – so we’ve made sure to include them on these new DreamJeannes.  And we know that you are going to love, love, LOVE that these are pull-up pants with an elasticated waist – with a flat front – so that you can look your BEST!  That flat front means these pants won’t dig into your tummy – and since they are the DreamJeannes material, they are going to be perfectly perfect in their fit – even if you are an apple or pear-bottomed gal, because the STRETCH in the material will fit like a glove!  And if you have big hips with a smaller waist, the elasitcation will give you a nice tailored look when you pull these up and put them on!

Doesn’t our Angel look Quack-Tabulous in these?!


Let’s Go To The Crop!

 You’ll be singing and dancing – and ready to ‘go to the hop’ – when you put these on!  The crop length really is one of the most perfect lengths for pants.  It will flatter your leg no matter your height.  It hits most people a couple of inches above their ankle – but if you’re ‘vertically challenged’ (like ME!) then these are probably going to hit you right at the ankle.  My mother LOVES the crop length!  She is 5’ 5” and she said she can wear these almost all year because they hit her at the ankle.  She said the BEST thing about crop length pants – is that she doesn’t have to alter them when they are delivered – AMEN to that Mama Hoy – AMEN!!  Mom also loves the fact that there is so much versatility with the crop length because she can wear them with any type of shoes – from sandals…to flats…to wedges…to heels – and even sneakers!


Live Colorfully!!

 I used to love it when Jeanne Bice would tell us:

“Girls, always be uniquely YOU – always stand out – always shine – and be COLORFUL!”

I have no doubt that Jeanne would love the 5 colors our design team have chosen for these new DreamJeannes – and I am quite sure that you’re going to love them as well!  We’ve got five YEAR-ROUND colors that will have you looking your best no matter what time of the year it is.  We definitely think these are season-less colors!!

  • Bleached Denim
  • Dark Indigo
  • Lipstick Red
  • Black
  • White



They’ve Got The Look!

 The REAL proof of the pudding is HOW they LOOK – when you put them on!  I think you can tell from the smile on Monica’s face, that she is LOVING these new DreamJeannes!  She’s in the Dark Indigo option.

And our gal Colleen is looking Quack-Tastic in the Bleached Denim color!

But WAIT – That’s Not All!!

We couldn’t give you a new DreamJeannes silhouette without a NEW top to go with it!

You’re going to LOVE A302762 – ¾ Sleeve Open Arm Top With Rhinestone Grommets!  Our AMAZING design team pulled out all the stops with this one so that you can look CHIC, SASSY – and ready to hit the runway – no matter where you live!

This top is going to look GREAT on EVERY woman – regardless if you are a ‘fluffy duck’ – as Jeanne used to say – or not!  The cut and design were made with all of you in mind – because the part of the arm we’re showing looks great on every woman.

The grommets on the sleeves of the top coordinate right back to those sparkly grommets in the pants – how fantastic is that?!  You’ll be tied up with joy from top to bottom when you get this home!

You can just tell from the poses of Angel, Monica & Colleen in these pictures that they are LOVING this top!  Don’t they look happy, beautiful & SASSY?!

And check out the colors – it’s a classic pallet – because we know that everyone loves to stock up on their red, white and blue for spring & summer – especially for the summer national holidays, picnics, days in the garden – and your favorite neighborhood BBQ’s!  And these aren’t just for summer – I think you’ll agree with me that these are also colors that are great all year round.  They really are a PERFECT addition to freshen up your Quacker wardrobe!

  • Navy
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Red


What Do You Think?!

How much do you love our new lace up DreamJeannes and tops?!  Do you love the colors?!  Could you see yourself wearing these?!  Which is your favorite color?!


Make sure to join Angel & me throughout the day today and tomorrow, Wednesday February 21st  & 22nd – we’ve got a full 24 hours of FUN and fashion for you on QVC2!  I’ll be chatting with you at 9pm ET for TWO FUN hours – and then again tomorrow for two more hours at 7pm ET –  over on Angel’s Facebook page.  All you have to do is go to Angel’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it.  Here’s the link:

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And make sure to catch us on the QVC Main Channel as well over the next two days!


Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!




Click on the link below to see more detail about Patrick’s picks:

A302774 – DreamJeannes Lace Up Sparkle Grommet Crop Pants –

A302762 – ¾ Sleeve Open Arm Top With Rhinestone Grommets –



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