This Mother’s Day

Make Mom Happy!

Invite Mom to a Quacker Factory-inspired

‘Embellished Pancake’ Brunch!


Jeanne Bice was famous for saying‘Honey, if you’ve got it…decorate it!’

She applied that philosophy to every phase of her life—her home, her garden, her holiday decorations, to her entertaining, and, most famously to creating Quacker Factory clothing!

This year we’re honoring Quackers with a Jeanne-inspired creation for Mother’s Day brunch…’embellished pancakes’ and they’re easy, fun and delicious!

We enlisted Nancy Furr, Jeanne’s friend since 5thgrade in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, to demonstrate:

Start by making pancakes using your favorite mix…(or you can use frozen ones if you choose.)  Nancy prefers to make hers from scratch.)

From your pantry take out all your sprinkles, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, little M&Ms and any other toppings you might put on ice-cream or use to decorate cookies…add some chopped fresh fruit.  Put all the ‘embellishments’ in little bowls next to the platter of pancakes!

Here’s the hard part…deciding which of the toppings to choose to ‘embellish’ your pancakes.

Some moms (and dads) might say ‘Heck, life’s a party…let’s celebrate!’ and try them all!

Others may be a little more restrained and just add a few embellishments to start….remembering there’s always seconds…and thirds!

There you have it!  ‘Embellished Pancakes!’  A fun,  delicious Quacky idea to make Mother’s Day a delight for everyone!

And you don’t have to wait till next Mother’s Day to do it all over again.

Because as John Furr’s coffee mug from his son says…


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