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Years ago Jeanne started the tradition of sharing her Cookie Exchange Party ideas on QVC. Here’s a short clip of Jeanne during her December 2010 show. We hope you enjoy it!


The Holidays are here! Did someone say “COOKIES?” Between all the hussle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, and decorating… why not “Host A Cookie Exchange Party”— and you’ll have all the baked goods you need for your holiday festivities, gifts and more! We’ll show you HOW…right NOW!

As many of you know, our beloved Jeanne Bice was the “Queen”of all things Cookies and Christmas. We’d like to say she coined the phrase “The Cookie Exchange Party,” but that may not be entirely true— so, let’s just say she definitely “Embellished” the idea, much like she “Embellished” all her Quacker designs.

She added a dash of Sparkle, a tablespoon of Shine… Fun and Fabulous touches… to what grew to be an annual tradition that she loved hosting year after year!

We are tickled Pink (Red & Green) to share her ideas and more… of how to Host your own Cookie Exchange!

Ok- so your first task is to come up with a guest list of your bestest friends that you would like to invite (maybe 8 or 10) and select a date that is mutually convenient for everyone. Jeanne held her parties in early to mid- December so the cookies would last until Christmas.


You can freeze the cookies to keep fresh until ready to eat/share or gift away!

Next, send out invitations with these important details to ensure your party is a delicious success!

1) Tell everyone to bake their favorite “homemade” Picture5cookie. Maybe it’s a recipe passed down through generations, or a cookie they invented themselves! Also, ask them to create recipe cards, one to hand out to each guest.. 

For convenience, they can attach them to their bag or box they are using to bring the baked goods.

2) Dressing for your Cookie Exchange is half the fun! It puts everyone in a festive mood and we all know that being stylish for the season, or anytime… is a girl’s favorite pastime. So include a statement in your invitation about Holiday attire so everyone will look and feel fabulous!

3) Of course Quacker Factory can certainly help in that area…take a glance at our 2017 Holiday Collection. CLICK HERE, you will look smashing!

4) When your guests RSVP, ask them what type of cookie they are baking so you don’t have duplicates. Then tell how many cookies to bake.  For example, if 8 friends are attending, they should each bake 48 cookies. Make 6 per person, and bag them separately.

5) Remember to include yourself in the count so if you invite 8, it would actually be 9 people altogether; therefore 56 cookies baked by each person.        

(How do you like those pretty Nutter butter snowman cookies that Patrick made… one of Jeanne’s favorite!) . 


6) There are also some really creative ways you can wrap the cookies you bake for your guests. Try a colorful tin, a glass container, a gift bag with tissue, or a decorative mug. You can also use a sparkly Chinese cookie box or even a Holiday mailing tube that fits your size cookie. The ideas are endless and add to the FUN!


 7)  To prepare for your party, have a few appetizers and munchies along with some fun holiday drinks for everyone to enjoy. Hint— Apple Martinis, Sparkling Cider or a holiday (spiked) punch can look very pretty and colorful on your decorated buffet or dining table!  Be sure your table has plenty of space for everyone to display their cookies. Sampling the baked goods throughout the evening is a definite MUST!  

You should try these Snickerdoodle cookies…they’re simply scrumptious! What’s your most favorite cookie recipe? We’d love to know!

CLICK HERE to see the Snickerdoodle recipe and to share your own!


To make your party even more memorable, there are some Picture12fun games you can play. Jeanne created a few of her own that we would like to share. One  of them is “Pin the nose on the Snowman,” much like “Pin the tail on the Donkey.”


First, buy a large piece of poster or foam board and then find a fun snowman picture and attach it to the board. Or buy a snowman from a craft store. Then, buy some orange construction paper and a Santa Hat. Using the construction paper, cut out shapes that resemble carrots for the nose of your snowman, one for each guest.  


Blindfold each guest using the “Santa Hat,” and pull it down over their eyes so they can’t see.


Then spin them around! Point them to the snowman and have them try to pin the carrot nose closest to where they think it should go. The person that gets the closest… wins! (You can buy a few token gifts to hand out for the winners of your games. (i.e., an ornament, scented holiday candle, pretty stationary, etc.…)                  

Another fun game involves making a bell bracelet or candy cane necklace for each guest. You can buy the bracelets with bells on them and/or make a necklace using a piece of wide ribbon or a sash, big enough to fit over your head, and tie a candy cane to it.  

Hand them out when your guests arrive and tell them NO ONE is allowed to say the word “Cookie” during the party. If one person hears another using that word, that guest steals the person’s bracelet/necklace. Whoever collects the most at the end of the night wins another prize!


One of Jeanne’s favorite traditions was to have a “Hot Chocolate Bar.” Can you imagine how tasty it was to sip on warm cocoa in the middle of a cold winter in Wisconsin, while sitting around a fireplace mingling with all your guests?  

To make the hot chocolate really enticing, use an assortment of toppings!  

She used crushed candy cane pieces, chocolate  pirouettes, marsh- mellows, cherries, whip cream, sprinkles, and chocolate kisses! The list can go on and on! Use your IMAGINATION!  



So treat yourself and your friends to a night you will all remember. Host a Cookie Exchange this Holiday season! It’s a great way to have already prepared yummy cookies, catch up with good friends, eat and play!



To download your own Quacker Factory recipe card click the button below.


CLICK HERE to see the Snickerdoodle recipe and to SHARE YOUR OWN!

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  1. Dale Caldwell November 13, 2015 at 7:26 pm - Reply

    I really like yours and Jeannes cookie party plan. I’m thinking of having an over 70 party and inviting my over 70 friends. This Cookie exchange would bea great party, besides The Cookie Monster is a good friend of mine.?

  2. Carol Ann Lee November 13, 2015 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    Hi Angel
    I am so proud of you and your weigh loss. You are going to be a beautiful bride Just remember you are not dieting… it is a new life-style for life… I lost 167lbs about 5 years ago.. I have been wearing Quacker Factory everywhere and in Israel last month. Everyone commented on how much they loved my Quacker Factory outfitsll Thank you for being the hostess with the mostess
    God Bless you and your fiance
    Carol Ann

  3. glenda.doucet@gmail.com November 14, 2015 at 8:44 am - Reply

    I love Quacker Factory but wish you were on QVC more. I work and can’t always catch the show!! Love the dream jeans!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your up coming wedding!!

  4. Ellen Coakley November 15, 2015 at 1:00 pm - Reply

    Angel, I absolutely LOVE Quacker Factory designs and clothes. I have been buying them for years. However, I have a BIG problem now. I’ve had to return almost everything I buy on QVC from Quacker Factory!!!

    It seems as though all the styles and designs I love are ‘semi-fitted’ now. I talked to QVC customer service and found out there was a request from QVC customers for more semi-fitted designs. Well……..in the process that seems to have caused me not to any longer be able to purchase your great tops, jackets, etc. PLEASE significantly increase the number of RELAXED-STYLE clothes so I and probably many others can go back to buying your great clothes. Thank You so much for your help, and please ask on-air announcers from QVC to tell tv audience whether style of each item is relaxed or semi-fitted.

    God bless you and keep you close always. May His angels shine upon you forever! May you have a most beautiful wedding. I am so sure Jeanne is looking down on you and is so pleased!

    Ellen Coakley

  5. Janice November 7, 2017 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    Hey Y’all I do a cookie swap this year will be my 8th. Ours is a bit different every lady brings a container with goodies for every lady coming to the party. 5 Ladies 5 containers. We started out at 5 one year we had 27 and every lady went home with a container from every other lady. Most are crafty ones. We have a contest that who ever gets best container voted by all the others gets last pick of dirty Santa. We have covered dish also. About the 3rd year I started making great big bags for the ladies to take all the goodies home with. There is also pictures with all kinds of Santa hats and boas. We really have a big time. This is a gift for all my lady friends.

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