Happy National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day…

Since it is October, and pretzel day, I wanted to make a fun treat for all those trick or treaters out there. Or for your husband—mine loves these treats. Hehe.

Here is where I started– I bought pretzel rods, different colors of meltable chocolate & some decorations.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Then I used some large ball jars with wide openings for the chocolate. I put the chocolate into the jar & followed the instructions on the back of the package to melt the chocolate. One color at a time. Be careful, the jar can get hot! And if you don’t use all of the chocolate—you can simply put the lid on the jars to use at a later time.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Ghosts- I used edible pearls for the eyes & mouth.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Witch fingers– I used a fork to create the creases for the knuckles, and a slivered almond for the fingernail.

Finally, I created pumpkin pretzel rods—using orange chocolate & some green sprinkles. The options are endless! After I finished these, I thought I should have made a mummy too! Oh well—there’s another option to add to my list for next time! To change things up, you could add a layer of caramel first, then dip into the chocolate. You could use nuts or icing to decorate these pretzel rods. There are so many fun edible decorations available!!

Once the chocolate dried (I placed in the fridge for a few moments on parchment paper), I placed my creations on a candy corn covered tray for fun! My plan is to put one of each into a plastic baggie, tie with a cute Halloween ribbon & share with my friends’ kids.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Happy Halloween & National chocolate covered pretzel day!

Angel xoxo

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