It’s National Quacker Day…

For those of you new to our Quacker Family, here’s a little history behind ‘National Quacker Day!’ And.… for our Veteran Quackers, we hope you’ll enjoy a short trip down memory lane.

Jeanne Bice’s debut on QVC was February 4th, 1995. Viewers fell instantly in LOVE! Her ‘sparkle and shine’ design concept was innovative and unique. QVC knew they had a Diamond in the Rough! Over the years, Quacker Factory grew to be much more than just a brand of clothing, largely in part because Jeanne was so candid- so real- so approachable! She truly inspired her customers and connected with them on a personal level.  Jeanne wanted them to look and feel great… decorated TOP to BOTTOM in BLING!!!

Customers couldn’t get enough of her beautiful designs and received compliment after compliment everywhere they went! Women began to recognize each other at our LIVE shows, started planning their own get togethers and formed deep lasting friendships. Because of Jeanne, they saw themselves as a community…a Sisterhood. They started calling themselves Quackers and greeted one another on the street with ‘QUACK QUACK’…and still do to this very day!

Here’s Jeanne with Karin (Tim’s wife) the day of our first show!

Jeanne applied for official designation of National Quacker Day in 2010 to honor ALL ‘Quacker’ Women … and their GREAT Spirit. She chose Feb 4th because it was her first appearance on air. So, that year we celebrated our very first NQD (National Quacker Day) on QVC with a LIVE audience show! Her son Tim, President of Quacker Factory and also a songwriter, put together a band for the premiere and played his theme song from his CD ‘Splash!’ It was a very special day for Angel too because it was her first appearance as Quacker Factory’s guest!!!

One of our ‘National Quacker Day’ LIVE Audience Shows

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