I love all things crafty, and I wanted to share with you a fun little craft that you can create for your spouse, your best girlfriends, your parents, even your kids!!  Just please don’t get them mixed up! 

The jar will contain messages to your loved one loaded with all of the reasons why you love them!!

To begin you will need a jar with a chalkboard area.  You can buy the jar with this already done for you—I found on at TJ Maxx for $3!!!  It even came with a few pieces of chalk!!  Or you can create your own by purchasing some chalkboard paint at your local craft store.  Also grab some markers—you could even use a chalk marker from your craft store.  Get some colored paper, and if you like a heart stamp or paper cutter, and if you want to be really fancy—get some stick on jewels.

Using a paper cutter I cut several pieces of the colored papers into strips.  And then used the heart  shape cutter to add a little something extra.

I created this jar full of thoughts for my new fiancé Glen, so when you are thinking about what to write, just think about the things that they do to make you happy!!

Fold the strips of paper & place into the jar.  I also added the heart cutouts and let them fall to the bottom of the jar.  There are so many things you can do to personalize this project!!  

I then placed the jar with the other items in my Valentine’s Day display!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Angel xo


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