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It is so good to be back with my new ‘Patrick’s Pick Of the Month!  And this is another extra special one because it’s a ‘Today’s Special Value’ DreamLook!!!!

Let Freedom BLING!!

Well, you just KNOW it’s going to be a Quack-Tabulous Today’s Special Value when it’s not only 1 item….but TWO!!  That’s right, you’ll definitely be singing God Bless Quacker Factory when you receive your Summer Sparkle Set of 2 Short Sleeve T-shirts !! 

In special honor of Jeanne Bice, our design team has rolled out the Red, White & Blue carpet for this one!!  I don’t think there was ANYONE who loved America as much as our beloved Jeanne did!!  Here she is with Lee looking ready to lead the parade!

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Jeanne once said:

“We might not all be able to be IN the parade…but gals, we sure as heck can look like we’re supposed to be on top of a parade float!”

Now, we KNOW how much you LOVE a great value – so we’re giving you TWO tops in this VERY special TSV – in SIX Combos!

3 Sets feature Red, White & Blue Americana Themes:

Light Navy with Flag / Red Spray

Black with Heart / White Spray

Heather Grey with Butterfly / Turquoise Spray

And for those of you who can’t live without your Beach scenes…

We have you covered with these 3 sets of Summertime Fun:

Melon with Seahorse / Lime Green Spray

Yellow with Anchor / Royal Blue Spray

Khaki with Seashell / Candy Pink Spray

Here’s a picture of our beautiful gals Angel & Colleen wearing the Red & Blue option with the American flag.  Don’t they look Quack-Tastic?!

3 - TSV Picture #3.jpg

And here’s a picture of them ready to enjoy the summer in the Melon & Lime Green option with the adorable Seahorse!

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America, The Be-You-Tiful!

All of the tops in Today’s Special Value are SHORT SLEEVE!    I hope you also noticed that in the sets of 2 shirts, one of them is your favorite V Neck design – and the second one is our stunning and unique Square Neck design!  We’re doing our best to help you look Be-You-Tiful this summer!!!  And you’re sure to get LOTS of compliments whenever you wear these!

You Won’t Be Left SHORT!

It wouldn’t be a DreamLook if we didn’t bring you a coordinating piece to go with the ‘Let Freedom Bling’ Summer Sparkle T-shirts.  I think you’re going to LOVE our Set of 2 Pull-on Knit Shorts! Yep, you read that right – you get TWO pairs of knit shorts to add to your DreamLook when you welcome this into your wardrobe!

These shorts are extra special because they are a perfect match back to the colors of our TSV tops – AND they have a spray of sparkle at the side slits to perfectly match the tops!  What’s NOT to love about these?!?  And just you wait until you feel how COMFORTABLE these feel when you put them on!

Here’s a picture of Angel & Colleen wearing the Royal Blue and Yellow shorts with their coordinating Today’s Special Value tops.

5 - TSV Picture #5.jpg

Pedal Your Way Into Summer!

And for our last coordinating piece in this new DreamLook, we’ve brought you a NEW style of DreamJeannes!!!  It’s our latest DreamJeannes Pedal Pusher with Rhinestones. We know how much you love the feel and fit of our Quack-A-Licious DreamJeannes material, so you are going to simply ADORE these new pedal pushers!!!  And just wait until you see all of the gorgeous colors we’ve lined up for you!

Here’s a picture of our Angel looking ready for summertime fun in the turquoise option:

6 - TSV Picture #6.jpg

And here she is again in the white option.  Doesn’t she look amazingly beautiful?!

7 - TSV Picture #7.jpg

I hope you love Today’s Special Value – and our latest DreamLook collection – as much as we loved creating this for you!!  What’s your favorite set of 2 T-shirts????



Make sure to join Angel & me throughout the day today, Wednesday May 25th  – we’ve got a full day of fun and fashion for you!  I’ll be chatting with you at 10am, 2pm & 6pm for two hours during each show over on Angel’s Facebook page – All you have to do is go to Angel’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it.  Here’s the link:  http://bit.ly/A_Facebook


And our 6pm ET show is EXTRA special, because it’s a LIVE AUDIENCE SHOW – so you do NOT want to miss that one!!!  Set your recorders now if you know you won’t be in to watch!


Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!



Click on each link below to see more detail about each of Patrick’s picks:

Let Freedom Bling Set of 2 T-shirts 

Set of 2 Let Your Freedom Bling Shorts

DreamJeannes Pedal Pushers

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