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      An All American Dessert that’s easy to make
      and guaranteed to please any time of the year!

      Oreo & Ice Cream Pie Presented by Nancy Furr

      Nancy and Jeanne Bice were born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and became classmates in 5th grade. They graduated high school together, and then drifted apart. Happily they re-united in Green Lake years later, and were dear friends ever after.

      Jeanne and Nancy both loved to entertain, and were great party givers. They looked for fun, delicious and easy ways to make foods people raved about!

      Here’s an easy, no bake pie that will be a sure-fire hit with your family! (How can you go wrong with Oreos and ice cream!!) Best of all you can make it ahead, and be ready to enjoy the party yourself!


      • Oreo Cookies: 1 large package, regular Oreos
      • Butter: 1 stick for melting
      • Gelato or Premium Ice Cream: 2 quarts (your favorite flavors: Nancy likes to mix them)
      • Chocolate or Fruit Sauce for topping (optional, but why not!)

      Step 1: Choose your pie tin


      Nancy prefers a 12-inch pan, which uses the entire package of Oreos for the crust. A 9-inch pan (above right) would take about 3/4ths package.

      Step 2: Preparing cookies for food processor


      Place 6 or 7 cookies on sheet of waxed paper, fold, and use mallet to crush cookies into smaller pieces. Repeat until all cookies are crushed. This makes it easier for your food processor to chop them evenly, without grinding them too finely. (It’s important not to turn the cookies into ‘dust’.)

      Step 3: Chop cookies in processor

      Cookies should be chopped into small bits and pieces, but not too finely. Remove any lumps, to assure an even crust. Place in mixing bowl.

      Step 4: Melt 1 stick of butter in microwave, and then mix with chopped cookies. This becomes the crust for your pie.

      Step 5: Pour cookie and butter crust mixture into pie tin. Use a spatula and your hands to smooth the crust on the bottom and sizes of pie tin. Make sure crust completely covers the pie tin.


      Step 6: STOP! Place pie tin in freezer for 1 hour so crust hardens.

      Step 7: Time for Ice Cream! Your choice! One flavor, or layers.

      Nancy is using 1 quart of rich chocolate gelato as the base. Smooth with a spoon, or spatula. Back it goes into the freezer to harden.

      Then she adds a quart of salted caramel gelato! Then it’s back into the freezer until serving time! Wrap in aluminum foil to protect the ice cream. It will last for days until you’re ready to serve. (Unless someone sneaks a piece!

      Step 8: Time to Cut and Serve!

      Use a sharp knife to carefully cut the pie into pieces. Remember the pie is now frozen, so cut carefully

      Ready for topping!

      Nancy is using a rich chocolate sauce and some caramel sauce, too! You can set a variety of toppings out for guests to choose their favorite!


      This is a family favorite any time of the year! Best of all you can make it ahead, and enjoy your party, too!


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