Flashback Friday!!!

So many of you have been with Quacker Factory since the beginning when we were first introduced on QVC 27 years ago. Yet many more of you, are new to our brand & our whimsical designs.

We recently spotted Candy Light Roper on Facebook. She posted a photo of herself in her very first Quacker Factory purchase, and we thought it would be a great time to share this photo, as well as some other pics from Jeanne & Karen Bice’s first time on QVC.

The date, February 4, 1995, the item number for the first top was L1139!!!!! This top—in a choice of cat or cow applique, sold out even before Jeanne came on air. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey to where we are today as a beloved brand on QVC.

Here is Candy in her first purchase of Quacker Factory–

Flashback Friday Picture 1

First item ever presented by Jeanne on QVC, when they came to Florida to find the top 50 brands/products during their tour of the United States.

Flashback Friday Picture 1

A photo of Jeanne Bice & Karen Bice on air for the very first time!!

Flashback Friday Picture 1

Jeanne’s very first airing on QVC, enjoy!!!

Having trouble watching? CLICK HERE 

Here is another photo of Jeanne with some of her first designs—I believe this was from a “commercial” on QVC advertising an upcoming Quacker Factory show.

Flashback Friday Picture 1

Thank you for taking a ride with us back to the 90’s!!! Have a great weekend!

Angel xo

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  1. Susan Lorenz April 4, 2022 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    What’s happening with Quacker Factory Dream Jeannes? It’s not yet warm here in the Northeast, and there isn’t even ONE pair of capris or cropped jeans in size XL! I was hoping to buy at least 2 more for the summer, one in dark wash/indigo. If I were a M or 3x, I could get, but not XL. All winter I looked to buy more full length jeans, but VERY LITTLE choice, none in colors I liked. Are Dream Jeannes being discontinued?

    • Ali Warren April 5, 2022 at 9:46 am - Reply

      There are going to be more capris coming soon. There will be more styles in stock in May and June.

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