We all want to start the New Year off right, “I plan to eat better”, “exercise more”, “pay my bills on time”, etc.  As women we tend to bite off more than we can chew, and we forget to take time for ourselves. 

So I propose that you take some time for yourself—to do some things that will make YOU feel good.  Now of course I can only speak from my own experience, and every woman looks at things through different eyes.  But here are a few suggestions on how to take care of “YOU” in 2016!


  1. Learn to meditate- I downloaded an app today that will help me learn how to do this.  There are also a ton of books & articles online to help guide you through this.  There has been much research done to indicate how this practice can help you lower your blood pressure, be more mindful & for myself—to learn to be more patient.

  2. Learn a new hobby- there are so many out there to choose from- scrapbooking (my favorite), crocheting, needlepoint, painting, cooking. Anything you ever wanted to learn or try.  Learning helps to keep you young!  And learning new things helps to keep your mind sharp. 

  3. Treat yourself…… now it would be easy to say treat yourself to that ice cream, etc. But how about treating yourself to a manicure, or a walk on a sunny day with a friend, or to a movie in the afternoon by yourself!!  I love to do this—and do it so rarely!!

  4. Volunteer—sometimes just giving back to the community, to your church or synagogue, or to a friend who needs some time. You could be the one person who makes all the difference.

  5. Give yourself a compliment every day. I know some days are tougher than others—but be sure to do it, every day!!

  6. Exercise!!! I know for some of you this is a tough one.  But I don’t mean go run a marathon.  But if that is what you want to do—go for it!  But how about moving more.  How about parking the car a few spaces further from the door.  How about getting a tracking device, like a Fitbit or a Garmin to track your steps.  Doing this really made a difference for me to see how active I was on any given day.  How about taking a dance class or a yoga class, or you can do it from you home via an app or the internet if you aren’t sure if you would like it.  I am sure you will feel better once you can get moving.  But I am not a doctor—so if you have health issues, please consult with him/her first.

  7. Give someone you don’t know a compliment. I do this as often as I can & it is amazing to see a stranger walk away from you with more bounce in their step.  And all I did was speak some words.  It is funny though—some people do not know how to accept a compliment, so be sure that it is sincere.

  8. Watch a funny animal video or kid video on You Tube! It is amazing how something so small can make you feel great!

  9. Give a big wonderful hug! A hug can change your day & your attitude! 

  10. Lastly—here is my shameless plug. Why not take some time to visit QuackerFactory.com or watch one of our shows.  The website is fun with lots of info & our shows are fun filled with great fashions.  Even if you aren’t looking for anything to add to your wardrobe—maybe, just maybe, I can make you smile & smiling is the best way to feel great!

Have a happy, healthy & fun filled 2016!!

Until next time–  Quack, Quack


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