Pamper Yourself!

You deserve it, and your family

will thank you for it!

The holiday season is the most joy-filled time of the year, and

for many of us, the most hectic and stressful time of the year!

We make lists that never seem to end; making sure we’ve thought of gifts for

everyone; decorating the house; planning parties and get-togethers

for family and friends; mailing cards and packages before it’s too late,

and on and on! Before we know it, the joy starts to

drain from our bodies, we get grumpy, and stressed out!


Jeanne Bice learned first hand what to do to restore the ‘happy’. 

You need to show yourself some love! You need to take some time for

yourself.  And the perfect way to do it was to take a bubble bath

with a rubber duck! It’s true!

At a time when her business was going through a difficult phase (long before QVC),

she attended a management seminar for struggling entrepreneurs, mostly men

with larger companies than hers.

One of their assignments: They went to Wal-Mart where they were instructed

to buy some kiddie toys, bubble bath, and a rubber duck. That night they were told

to go to their rooms, take a bubble bath, pretend they were a kid,

play with their toys, and write about their experience.

That time spent in her bubble bath, pretending she was a kid again, playing

with the rubber duck—watching it pop back up every time she tossed it,

never sinking, always smiling, and going with the flow—changed Jeanne’s life!

She realized that the bubble bath was like life. And she needed

to learn from the rubber duck—keep on going

She learned that when things seem overwhelming, you must take a ‘time-out’

for yourself. Relax. Breathe. Treat yourself!

Jeanne truly believed that loving yourself first enables you to have more

love to give to everyone else! And that’s what life is all about!

Especially at the Holidays!

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