Less than a week until Christmas! Angel here from the Quacker Factory! It’s been a joy for me to bring some sparkle and shine to your holiday wardrobe this season! But as you know, we have an awesome Design Team working “behind the seams” to bring you all of these fun and fabulous fashions! And it’s time for you to meet Susan who is the head of our Quacker Factory Design Team! Susan was one of the first people Jeanne Bice met at QVC back in 1996, and Susan has been “quacking” with us ever since! I’ll let her share some more with all of you!

Happy Holidays! I was recently going through some holiday photos of Jeanne’s, and I wanted to share with you a special tradition she loved – and that she taught me to love too! As you all know, Jeanne absolutely LOVED the holidays! And she loved celebrating! Celebrating anything and everything! She loved to surround herself with people and things that made her happy – and one of the things she loved to do was to decorate “Christmas Trees” – not only at Christmas – but all year long! She had a Halloween Tree, a Valentines Tree, an Easter Tree, a Fourth of July tree, and more! She would say, ”We need to keep this up all year long.” And at Christmas time, well, more trees came out! She had a beautiful “Rooster” tree in her kitchen, and a “Fairy” tree in her bedroom! The one that always made me laugh was her “Margarita Tree” where she hung some hilarious signs! Some rooms had several trees in them – it was like going to a Christmas Tree museum!


The displays she would create were so beautiful and magical,l and she really had a “knack” for decorating them….or should I say “quack”. I wish you all could have seen them!


Now over the years, my own Christmas Tree collection has grown a little bit thanks to Jeanne! My sons are just thrilled when I tell them it’s time to start bringing down the boxes for my “several” trees! But after seeing all of Jeanne’s trees, I realized that a Christmas Tree is more than just a “tree with lights”…it’s about special memories that make you smile and the magical feeling you get when you see a Christmas Tree. And best of all, you can have that feeling all year long – just put up a Tree!


Here are a few more of my favorites! I especially like the sign on the Margarita Tree! That was so Jeanne!

Well I definitely learned from the best! And now I love to create trees just like Jeanne taught me! Here are two of my trees and the stories behind them.

Sophia’s Pink Tree

One of the happiest days in my life was the day my daughter Sophia was born. She was born in the month of November, and I remember the first thing Jeanne said to me was…”She needs to have a Pink Christmas Tree, Susan!” As a mom with a new baby, it wasn’t at the top of my priority list to get out there and start shopping for ornaments for a Pink Christmas Tree! Well one day a huge box arrived filled with beautiful ornaments for a Pink Christmas Tree! And guess who they were from? You guessed it…Jeanne. I almost cried when I pulled out the “Glinda Tree Topper” as Jeanne knew I was a huge fan of “The Wizard of Oz”. One by one I pulled out beautiful ornament after beautiful ornament. Sophie is now 8 years old, and I still see the twinkle in her eye every year when we put up her special Pink Christmas Tree!  Here’s a few photo for you to see it too!

The Rooster Tree

I just fell in love with Jeanne’s Rooster Tree when I saw it in her kitchen for the first time, and I immediately went home that year and did a Rooster Tree of my own. Here’s a shot of the Rooster tree I now have in my kitchen! I’ll bet Jeanne is up in heaven still hanging things on the trees up there! And she would be so proud to see how she has inspired us to celebrate the magic of Christmas!

So, if you’d like to see some more of Jeanne’s holiday trees click here.

Wishing each and every one of you a holiday filled with peace, love, joy and smiles! Susan

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  1. Avatar
    Susan J Adix December 4, 2020 at 9:51 am - Reply

    How can one not be happy while viewing your lovely decorations. You brightened my day.
    thank you. Your energy and positive life are addictive. Enjoy you much.

  2. Avatar
    PamGregorczk December 16, 2020 at 5:11 pm - Reply

    How inspirational! Thanks for sharing, I want to entertain …dang this COVID.

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