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Like Jeanne Bice did, I LOVE Fall!!!!  Drinking hot chocolate, picking pumpkins, long walks on paths covered with crisp brightly colored leaves – and Jeanne’s favorite – eating homemade s’mores in front of the fire with best friends!

And what better way to enjoy all of that than in our brand new Today’s Special Value A281000 Fleece Jacket & Sequin Song Sleeve T-Shirt Set!!! 

Our design team has rolled out a carpet of golden leaves with this set!!  They started with a long-sleeve (YES, you read that right – a LONG-SLEEVE) top with the most sparkly and colorful motifs you’ve ever seen – and they added the most luscious and warm fleece jacket!  And if that isn’t enough – the jacket is a hoodie with pockets – how Quack-Tabulous is that?!?! 

And guess what?!  Each motif has over FIVE HUNDRED sequins!!  I think Jeanne Bice will definitely see you sparkling & shining all the way up in heaven when you’re wearing this Today’s Special Value!

And we’ve really spoiled you for choice this time because we have FIVE different colors and motifs!

Welcome Great Pumpkin!

It wouldn’t be autumn without the most beautiful pumpkin in the world!  If you choose this option, you’re going to get a gorgeous coordinating Orange colored jacket.  Here’s our beautiful Monica all ready to hang out with Charlie Brown to meet the Great Pumpkin!

Monica Orange Pumpkin.jpg

Here’s Monica again without the jacket on so that you can see the beautiful long-sleeve top:

Monica Orange Jacket Off.jpg

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall

Our next motif is sure to fly out of the studio as quickly as the leaves change to red and gold in October!  It’s our lime-striped t-shirt with beautiful leaves – matched with a rich and plush espresso jacket.  Here’s Colleen ready to join her girlfriends for a nice long walk in the country:

Colleen Espresso Open Jacket.jpg

And just look at the detail of the leaves!  Like all of the other tops in Today’s Special Value, there are at least FOUR colors of sequins – plus a mixture of shiny metallic sequins, matte metallic sequins – and my favorite – a special ‘super sparkle’ sequin that actually reflects light!  And look at how soft and luscious that fleece is – I bet you can already feel how yummy it’s going to feel when you wrap yourself in it!  And how about that rhinestone zipper – our design team has thought of every detail!

Espresso Zipper Leaf Detail.jpg

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

I honestly believe cardinals are messengers of love – and that when a cardinal appears in your yard, it is a visitor from heaven.  I also think they are one of the most beautiful birds that God created.  My mother is from the South – and they believe that if you put a cardinal ornament in your Christmas tree, it will bring you good luck the following year.  I know my mother will definitely be adding this set to her Quacker Factory collection!  Can you guess what color jacket this one comes with?!  Guess no more, because here’s our beautiful Monica all ready for the holidays!

Monica Red.jpg

A Snowflake Is Winter’s Butterfly

Did you know that no snowflake is the same as any other?  And just like a snowflake, you are one of a kind too!  I believe that good friends are like snowflakes – all different and all beautiful!  And I think you’ll be looking extra beautiful when you slip into this next choice – it’s a snowflake as original and beautiful as you are!  And how comfortable does that gorgeous blue fleece jacket look?!

Colleen Blue Open.jpg

The Road To My Heart Is Paved With Paw Prints

I think I’ve left the best choice for last!  I love animals – and as I always say “Love is a four-legged word!”  Make no bone about it – I think you’re going to LOVE our paw print top with coordinating black jacket!  Have you ever experienced how happy a dog is when you come home?!  I think you’ll be just as happy when you get this one home!  Look at how adorable our gorgeous Angel is in this one!

ACS Black Hood.jpg

Even her beautiful Golden Retriever, Lucy, is paws-up for this set!!

ACS Lucy Black.jpg

To get a closer look at this incredible Today’s Special Value, watch this clip – even Lucy makes an appearance!!!

I hope you love Today’s Special Value as much as we loved creating this for you!!  Where are you going to be wearing yours this Fall?!

Make sure to join Angel & me throughout the day today, Monday August 29th – we’ve got a full day of fun and fashion for you!  I’ll be chatting with you at 9am & 5pm for two hours during each show over on Angel’s Facebook page – All you have to do is go to Angel’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it.  Here’s the link:  Click Here

Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!



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A281000 – Fleece Jacket and Sequin Long Sleeve T-Shirt Set

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