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  • Just got my first Quacker Factory jacket today! 20170902_130031

    Just got my first Quacker Factory jacket today! 20170902_130031
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  • @honeybunny Happy Birthday! I hope you have a quack tabulous day and all your birthday wishes come true.


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    Happy Quacker Day!

  • Hi,Everyone! Here’s my latest 2! img_20161001_210226893

    Hi,Everyone! Here’s my latest 2! img_20161001_210226893
  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi, Christine. I’m not feeling well today at all. Didn’t go to church today. My asthma has really been bugging me. I think it’s from my ear infection,if that’s what it is. I did email my Dr last night to request an appointment. Hopefully will get in. Scott is doing ok. Still doing his prayer/fast. Thanks for praying…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi, Christine. I still am not feeling well. The nurse called today, and they changed my prescription from Nexium to Prilosec, as my insurance won’t cover Nexium. She said that he thinks my asthma isn’t bad enough to need a nebulizer. She asked if it got worse, and I told her I think it’s because of my GERD, and not…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine, thank you so much for your mail and prayer too, appreciate it so much, as im not feeling too good today, but somehow i find the energy from somewhere to carry on with life! was up to patch at just after mid night, he kept barking, so put him out in the garden, left the dining room light on for him and he was ok then, got up again at…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi, Christine. I am not feeling too good tonight. Had an upset stomach last night. Woke up after 4:00 am and didn’t get back to sleep until after 7:00😞 So really tired right now. Scott is doing his prayer and fast for a few days. He’s really upset about not working. Please keep up the prayers! Dad is doing pretty good.…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your mail, do appreciate it as you are not well yourself there, sorry you had an upset stomache, that realy does suck, i know that they are painfull, im still not well at all here, but have to keep going, cannot stop because im feeling ill, had laundry to do this morning and the back garden looks a mess, soil has…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine! Glad you got all your prescriptions now! I hope those meds work for the UTI! I called my insurance today, and the lady told me over the phone which GERD medicines they cover, and she told me so I called my Dr to let him know. They also will cover a nebulizer which is good. Hopefully I’ll get them soon.…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for your mail, im sorry to hear that scott is still down, will pray for him like i normally do but much harder today and for you and your family too, my asthma is ok, just the damm infection getting me down, its hard to take the antibiotics 4 times a day though, but im managing it ok, feel sicky though, i was up at…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi, Christine. Hope you will soon be feeling better and get your medicine straightened out! That really sucks. If they have on file that you’re allergic to penicillin, it doesn’t make sense that they would give you amoxicillin! Really hope you get the medicine you need! Scott is still down today. He is taking a nap, as…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for your mail to me, appreciate it so much, sorry you have a bad headache there and still having problems with your ears, you realy should go and get them checked out again, i finally got the antibiotics today, had to go to town today with stewart he didn’t want to go to the chemist as i had medication owing to me…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine. Sorry that you didn’t get in to the DR’s for your asthma check. My asthma has been pretty good right now. Sure hope your infection clears up. Hope it doesn’t get to your kidneys! Praying for you! Today is Mary Kay cosmetics 53rd Anniversary. So had a big event at my meeting tonight. Lots of people there.…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for your mail to me, appreciate it so much and your friendship and prayers also, im mailing early today as im not at all well today, stewart went to the drs to give in my urine sample and to the chemist to get my antibiotics that the dr faxed to the chemist, he got home, gave me the tablets and to my horror they are…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine. Hope you can get in to see the dr. I can imagine how annoyed you must be! Sorry about your daughter and your other kids. That really sucks😞 Glad Patch likes the new dog food. I’m trying to watch tv right now but the satellite keeps going out😞Will have to call them tomorrow. Dad is feeling better. Scott is…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your mail to me, appreciate it so much and the prayers too, pleased you are not too bad and scott too, pleased your dad is ok too, im feeling realy bad today, i set the alarm for 7.30am this morning as i had that appointment for the asthma check this morning, i turned the alarm off and fell back to sleep, then…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi Christine. I saw your post about 9/11. We sometimes call it Patriots Day. Our pastor preached a little about it today in church. It’s been 15 years! Holy cow! Thanks for your prayers for the survivors. Sorry about your UTI still not 100%. I’m not feeling too good right now either. My ears are bothering me again and…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your mail and your prayers and friendship, realy do appreciate it, I’m pleased you made it to church yesterday, sorry to hear your ears are bothering you and you had that caughing fit, maybe you should go back to the drs, ive got the asthma check tomorrow at our local drs surgery with the nurse, going to see if…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine. Glad that your is gone. How’s your UTI? Hope you are feeling much better. I did not sleep very well last night. Had a lot on my mind. So will take a shower and go to bed early tonight. Yes. I am going to church tomorrow. Glad Patch is feeling better also. Scott has been having some tummy problems today.…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your lovely mail to me, you are welcome to the prayers, you know that, what are friends for if they cannot pray for each other? i always pray for you and your family and for Scott, I pray hard that you and scott can one day be together, i feel for you both, I realy do, ive been there, know what its like not to…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine. I had an upset stomach the other day and a headache. I’m doing ok now. Scott says he’s got a pain in his back today. Mowed the lawn today too. Yes,I sent out fliers to promote my Mary Kay business. It was cooler out today. Supposed to be cooler all week I think. Hope your headache goes away. I’ve watched…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your mail, friendship, prayers too, I’m so pleased to hear your stomache is a bit better and your headache too, sorry to hear that scott hurt he’s back, guess mowing the lawn did not help any, but guess it had to be done though, its like here, i have to do things even though i dont realy feel like it, i was not…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine! This will be another short one as I’m not feeling very well tonight. Have an upset stomach. Hope you feel better soon. Scott is depressed and down today. Dad is also down as his business isn’t doing too good, so need prayers for that. I’m sending off some fliers for my new hostess program tomorrow, so…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your mail to me, I’m so sorry you are not feeling too well right now, is it your ear again? headaches? ive had a headache this afternoon, but i think its because of the weather we have here right now, its been quiet nice out today, sun was out first thing and the breeze was nice too, i did laundry this morning…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine. Hope you are feeling better. I still have a bad headache and now my ears are starting to bother me again. Which really sucks. I do NOT need another ear infection! It rained off and on today. Then it got really hot out. I think it’s supposed to cool down later this week. Talked to Scott today and he said…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your mail, friendship and prayers too, sorry to hear you have a headache again, and scott too, must be the hot weather there, its horrible what weather can do to you health wise, aww poor hoss, thinking if he sees cheese he will get a treat, patch loves cheese!! he’s eye seems to be getting better, still bathing…[Read more]

  • @christine-angela-brailsford Hi,Christine. Thank you for your friendship and mail! Yes,Scott went shopping with his mom today. He said the store was really busy. Thank you for the prayers! He was busy doing other stuff today. I’m feeling better today. Was really hot out today. I hope it gets cooler this week. Hope you feel better soon! Glad you…[Read more]

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for your mail and friendship also, its good scott got to go shopping with he’s mom and that he did other stuff too, ive has asthma for years now, just go for a check once a year realy, pleased your dad is feeling better now though, sounds like they are doing the very best for him, just that i guess he has set backs…[Read more]

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