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      Watermelon Mojitos Recipe


      • 2-3 Sprigs of Fresh Mint leaves and stems + more for garnish
      • 1/2 Lime cut into quarters
      • 1/2 oz (14g) Simple Syrup* or to taste (recipe in notes)
      • 2 oz (56g) Light Rum
      • 3 oz (85g) Watermelon Purée** seedless
      • Club Soda
      • Ice


      • *Because watermelon can vary widely in its sweetness, add more or less simple syrup to taste.
      In a cocktail shaker, or cocktail mixing glass, layer the cut lime wedges, and mint springs. Pour in the simple syrup and use a muddler to muddle the mixture for about 30 seconds. The goal is to squeeze out the lime juice and to allow the mint to release its oils.
      • Add the light rum to the muddled mixture, then using a fine mesh strainer, strain in the puréed watermelon (save the solids for a smoothie!). Add crushed ice then shake or stir. Strain into an ice filled highball glass. Top with Club Soda. Stir. Garnish with a watermelon wedge and mint stem.


      *For the Simple Syrup: Pour 1/2 C (120g) sugar and 1/2 C (116g) water into small saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir. Boil until all the sugar is dissolved, just a few minutes. Pour into a lidded container for storage in the refrigerator until ready to use. For added minty goodness, add a few sprigs of mint to the simple syrup before cooking and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes before transferring the syrup to a storage container.

      Enjoy 🙂

      (This recipe was acquired from vanillaandbean.com)

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