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      cupcakes, too!

      That’s what Nancy does every year to treat her grandkids, Nate and Phoebe, as well as neighbors and friends who’ve come to expect a goodie bag to appear on their door step!


      1)- Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe. (Suggestion: Or use below Diane’s Recipe for Sugar Cookies that we featured previously.)


      *3 cups flour
      *1 teaspoon baking soda
      *½ teaspoon salt
      *1 cup butter
      *1 cup sugar
      *2 large eggs
      *2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


      1) Get your bowls rocking!

      Bowl #1:
      *Whisk together flour, baking soda, and salt

      Bowl #2:
      *Beat butter & sugar until fluffy
      *Beat in the eggs and vanilla extract
      *Slowly add dry mixture from bowl #1

      *Chill dough in fridge for 1 hour
      *Spread a dusting of flour both on the rolling surface and the rolling pin
      *Roll out to ¼” thickness
      *Cut out cookies with a 2 ½” circle cookie cutter
      *Line cookie trays with parchment paper
      *Refrigerate tray of unbaked cookies for 10 minutes
      *Bake @ 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes, edges should be slightly brown
      *Let cool completely

      2) Then use your favorite butter cream-frosting recipe. (Or, you can use Diane’s Royal Frosting recipe)


      *2 large egg whites
      *2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
      *3 cups of confectioner’s sugar (sifted)

      Useful tools – piping bag for outlining, small spoon/toothpicks/paintbrushes for flooding

      3) Orange food coloring to create the look of pumpkins (Created by mixing red with yellow food coloring)


      *Whisk together the egg whites and lemon juice
      *Transfer to mixer
      *Gradually add confectioner’s sugar
      *keep thin for “flooding”
      *Use same ingredients with more sugar added for
      “Outlining consistency”
      *Reserve half of the white frosting to decorate half the cookies
      *Add orange food coloring to the remaining half of the frosting to create a contrast


      *Start by shopping your favorite candy stores. Candy corn is a favorite.
      *M&M’s has a special ‘candy corn’ assortment this year.
      * Look at your grocery store baking section for yellow, orange, or black sprinkles.Williams-Sonoma stores is a great source for sprinkles.
      * The spider webs and witch figures are edible papers. Nancy found them at They have lots of creative and fun items for decorating cookies and cakes. (They have a great catalog that’s free.)
      * Another favorite source for fun decorating supplies is Check them out, and plan ahead for all your favorite holidays and occasions.

      Here are close up pictures of the various Halloween cookies Nancy created this year. Use your imagination and have fun!

      Cupcakes are favorite snacks all year long! For Halloween dress them up for special treats for ‘kids of all ages’!

      You can follow your favorite recipe for cupcakes, and then use the frosting recipe above.

      For decorations, add candy corn, sprinkles, and M&M’s in their Halloween colors.

      If you plan ahead, like Nancy does, you can order special decorations to stick into the cupcakes like these!

      Make decorating cookies and cupcakes a tradition at your house….it’ll become the favorite ‘must visit’ house on your street!


      Nancy xo

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